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Area Rugs & Broadloom

Floors and floor coverings represent one of the largest surface areas in any room besides the walls and ceiling. They are also a main point of tactile contact for inhabitants and guests and contribute elementally to a space’s overall ambiance and feel.

CW&I’s approach to any interior design is in toto, which means considering the entire space as not just the sum of its parts, but a greater whole. When a client teams up with a CW&I designer, the team may consider any option for floors, from internationally sourced materials, to custom created materials, including a wide array of area rugs and broadlooms.

The client will not only have access to a world of materials, but also to the guidance and expertise of designers and a design house with over 30 years of experience and success.

For every detail required to build up the synergistic, greater whole of an ideal interior design, CW&I acts as a master guide, standing behind every design, and helping people improve their homes and their lives.


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