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How To Design Your Sports Room

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We all know about the man cave—that solitary room in the home designated solely for the man, complete with giant-screened TV, pool table, comfy seating and possibly a refrigerator stocked full of his favorite after-hours drink. Yet, with baseball season just beginning, it seems like the perfect man cave might just be a sports room. Using your favorite sport team’s colors as the room’s color schemeis a great starting point, but there are other routes you could take to take your sports room to the next level.

Sports Memorabilia - Signed Baseball

Sport Memorabilia Displays

Some of the biggest sports fans own large collections of sports memorabilia. Maybe it’s a baseball you caught that landed in the stands, a vast collection of basketball cards that you’ve been collecting since the age of 15, or jerseys that you got signed by your favorite football players. Maybe it’s sports hats, pennants and equipment that you’ve acquired over the years. Whatever your sports memorabilia, beproud and display them! Find glass cases or frames in which you can show off your pride-and-joys to those who enter your space.

Entertainment Galore

If you don’t want to bask in your sports room’s glory alone, you may just want to consider designing your room so that it’s capable of entertaining as well. Sports Room - Vintage Baseball PosterFirst step, find comfortable seating for your guests to sit on—maybe a leather sofa or recliners. A giant-screened TV would also be an appropriate addition; maybe your sports room could double as sports room and theater, where all the guys can come to watch the big games of the season. If you’re entertaining often, you could go so far as to have a bar built into your sports room, complete with manly bar stools.

Vintage Sports Art

While posters of your current favorite sports player may be an obvious choice for your sports room, consider using vintage sports art and posters to line the walls. The pictures are appealing and add a touch of history. Not to mention, your sports memorabilia and vintage sports art will also serve as entertainment for your guests (and could even be displayed at the bar).


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Angel Ramos / CC_BY
Carl Malamund / CC_BY

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Walk-In Closet Design

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The walk-in closet may not be the most visited room in the home, but that doesn’t mean it deserves less attention than any other room.

We go inside our closets everyday to pick out an outfit, so don’t let our clothes be the only trendy thing inside. Let’s make our walk-in closets’ designs trendy as well. How do we do this?

Pick a general atmosphere for the closet. It could be open and cheerful, modern and simple or sleek and luxurious. Whatever the chosen atmosphere, we must decide on lighting and colors. Natural lighting is one option. Placing windows or skylights within or throughout the closet can open up the room, making it seem more spacious. If natural lighting doesn’t fit your tastes, you may want to incorporate lighting that will make the room shine, such as chandeliers or intriguing floor lamps.

Walk-in Closet Light

When it comes to colors, there are two routes that we could take: bright or dark colors. Choosing bright, colorful tones to fill your walk-in closet can provide a playful or light atmosphere, while darker tones can accentuate the luxury and sleekness of the closet’s inhabitants.

Next, let’s decide how the room will be set up and organized. Walk-in closets come in all shapes and sizes—both in long and narrow spaces and roomy ones—and depending on the closet’s set up, you’ll need to find out the best way to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories. In some spaces, shelves and rods may do the trick. In other spaces, drawers and canvas storage boxes might work better. In more spacey closets, larger dressers and cabinets could do the job.

Walk-in Closet Organize

However, it’s the small, eye-catching details that matter the most when it comes to making your walk-in closet exceptionally trendy. The carefully chosen pieces of furniture will accentuate your closet’s design and make it stand out. Floor-length or wall mirrors can be great accessories for walk-in closets; a vanity table would also be a nice addition to any spacey walk-in closet.

Walk-in Closet Mirror

A colorfully patterned bench in the middle of the room or a few upholstered chairs around the closet could provide your space with a place to sit, as well as a pop of color. Carpets and rugs also add special touches to the room, adding color, patterns and texture.

Walk-in Closet Bench

Whatever you decide to do with your walk-in closet, keep in mind that its design is just as important as the clothes within it.

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Inspiring Holiday Decor Ideas


Decorating for the Winter Holidays is a great opportunity to go all out. By switching out pillows and rugs and accessories and adding scented candles, garlands and greenery, one can transform their living spaces into a festive and cozy atmosphere that is conducive to entertaining friends and family.

Ancient Traditions – How did the Christmas Tree get started?

In ancient times, evergreen boughs reminded people of all the green plants that would grow again when the sun would warm again and spring would return. Decorating the hearth with evergreens was believed to keep away evil and illness.

In honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture, Ancient Romans decorated their homes and temples with evergreen boughs.

In 16th century Germany, devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. When Queen Victoria’s German husband, Prince Albert, put up a Christmas tree at Windsor Castle in 1848, the Christmas tree became a tradition throughout England, the United States, and Canada.

The early 20th century saw Americans decorating their trees mainly with homemade ornaments, while the German-American sect continued to use apples, nuts, and marzipan cookies. Popcorn joined in after being dyed bright colors and interlaced with berries and nuts. Electricity brought about Christmas lights, making it possible for Christmas trees to glow for days on end. With this, Christmas trees began to appear in town squares across the country and having a Christmas tree in the home became an American tradition.


The First Tree at Rockefeller Center

During the Depression, construction workers placed a tree at the center of the construction site. Two years later, another tree was placed there, this time with lights. This year a 75 foot Norway Spruce from Shelton, CT  with 25,000 lights was displayed.

More Tree Facts

• In the first week, a tree in your home will consume as much as a quart of water per day.

• Never burn your tree in the fireplace, it can cause dangerous creosote build up in the chimney.

• The tallest living Christmas tree is believed to be the 122-foot, 91-year-old Douglas fir in the town of Woodinville, Washington.

• Thomas Edison’s assistants came up with the idea of electric lights for Christmas trees.


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Create An Inviting Entrance

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Guests will soon come knocking at your front door. What’s the first impression your home’s entryway creates? Is it a warm, friendly welcome, or is the cold hard truth that your home’s entryway could use some improvement?

If the latter is true, try these handy holiday entryway decorating tips to create an inviting entrance and make everyone feel right at home.

Tips for creating a positive first impression with an inviting entry into your home:

* Clean fingerprints or pet nose prints from doors, sidelights and visible window glass surfaces.

* Appeal to the senses by placing fragrant arrangements nearby or light a flameless candle just before guests arrive.

* Make sure your entryway is well lit. Place groupings of festive battery-operated lanterns on tables or in corners to illuminate darker areas.

* Designate space for guests to put coats, boots, bags and gifts when they first walk in.

* Before guests arrive, do a walk-through to eliminate potential tripping or fall hazards, especially if you’re hosting elderly guests or those with limited vision or mobility.

* Immediately wipe up any spills or melting ice or snow from shoes to help prevent slips or falls.



Tips for festive outdoor decor to accent your front door:

* Hang small wreaths, bells or seasonal signs from doorknobs or door hardware.

* When hanging larger wreaths on the door exterior, use removable, temporary outdoor hooks to help prevent door damage. Magnetic hooks work well on steel doors.

* Add ribbon for a more dramatic look and add an extra pop of color. Try burlap ribbon for a rustic touch, or smooth satin and modern metallic textures for additional holiday sparkle.

* Frame your doorway with a natural or artificial pine garland, accented with pine cones and shatterproof ornaments. Use temporary outdoor hooks to hang garland around the doorway. Avoid placing nails into windows or doors, which could hamper the product’s performance, or even void the manufacturer’s warranty.

planter* Fill planters with festive arrangements of evergreens, silk poinsettias, branches, ornaments and outdoor lights.

* Hang wreaths, ribbons and baubles from outdoor arbors, fences or sconces.

* Consider colored spotlights or solar-powered lights to illuminate your home’s exterior doorways and walkways.

Any season can be the right time for replacing an old, cold entry door. An energy-efficient new storm door or an Energy Star-qualified entry door can transform your entryway into a warm, inviting space.

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Momeni Creates Trend Setting Area Rugs

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Malibu Collection | The multi-dimensional gray and yellow combinations are subtle, yet effective. Momeni positions its new Malibu wool flatweave as a new palette for coastal décor, for instance. (photo above.)


BAJA area rug by MomeniBaja Collection | Bold and exciting colors patterns allow trend-conscious customers to create their ultimate indoor/outdoor oasis. Baja thrives on simple graphic patterns with a refreshing twist of runway fashion and lively color palettes. Machine-made in Egypt of 100% polypropylene and approved for use outdoors.



ATLAS-area rug by MomeniAtlas Collection | Inspired by gorgeous hand-crafted Moroccan rag-rugs. Maintaining the authentic texture of the nomadic craftsmanship combined with today’s geometric styles and natural, understated color palette. Hand-knotted of 100% wool in India.




Bliss Collection | Bold transitional and soft contemporary patterns in earthen tones, hand-tufted from the softest blend of polyester. It features hand-carving for added dimension and texture.

| 40 successful years in the business, Momeni has grown to a major area rug brand and a well-known trendsetter in area rug design, color development and distinct craftmanship.

Formed and founded by patriarch, Haji Momeni in 1975, the company got its start in Haji’s eldest sons’ college dormitory. Haji would send bales of one-of-a-kind area rugs from Hamadan, Iran for his son to sell. A business strategy, that worked!

Within a short period of time Haji and his son Ahmad traveled throughout the US from state to state, selling rugs to retailers. In short, Momeni was formed and began producing high-end hand knotted area rugs from Romania, China, India and Pakistan.

In the early 1990s, Momeni started producing more aggressively priced soft goods, such as, hooked rugs, hand-tufted rugs and machine made rugs.

By 2000, Momeni began producing and manufacturing high-end wool machine made rugs and roll runners, and in 2011, expanded again into high-end broadloom and custom area rugs.

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Creating A Holiday Place Setting

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Do you have the blues this holiday season? How about the pinks? Non-traditional holiday colors are a popular trend in home decor this yuletide, especially when it comes to decking the table for special gatherings with family and friends.

“Traditional patterns and colors are wonderful and such a big part of the holidays,” says visual merchandiser John Griffith. “That said, those can also limit the imagination. I think people attach very specific imagery to the holidays and get so focused on certain colors and patterns and that holds them back from daring to do something different.”

Griffith’s teammate Julie Robbins creates seasonal magic at Replacements, Ltd., the world’s largest retailer of old and new china, crystal silver and collectibles. This holiday season she is focusing less on traditional and more on festive.

“Festive is about fun and playful. It’s more about mixing colors, finishes and mediums to achieve looks that are seasonal, but last beyond the holidays,” says Robbins. “So many people have neutral everyday patterns, which I like to think of as a blank canvas. For example, I’ve mixed taupes and pinks for the holidays and tied the look together with ornaments as accents. Blues and silvers are great winter colors that work well for the season; I’m actually decorating my own home in blue.”

So how do you create your own festive flair? Robbins says think about where you want to go – are you an empty nester setting a formal gathering now that the children have left home, or are you looking for a fun, casual setting for the grandkids’ first time sitting at the big table? She suggests looking for things you already have at home you might not think of using together.

“I’m not only mixing color families, but I’m also incorporating stoneware, fine china and mixed metals. For example, I start with a casual piece, like a solid Fiesta color, and dress it up by adding a more elaborately decorated piece to make the setting more sophisticated. I often use platinum trim to create a frosty winter feel, or a gold trim to warm up the setting and create a sense of warm and cozy. Either finish creates sparkle and adds flair.”

If you use a non-holiday pattern, Robbins says you can mix in family heirloom china or ornaments to bring tradition to your table. She also suggests looking outside for nature’s accents, such as pine cones, boxwood cuttings or even recycling branches from your Christmas tree to incorporate into your tabletop design.

“Creating a holiday place setting is almost like making a stew; you have to keep tasting and looking to see which ingredients you need to add, whether that’s a shape, color or sparkle,” says Robbins. “Have fun mixing and matching until you get the look that reflects your own personal style.”

For those who simply choose not to abandon tradition, Griffith says keep with seasonal colors like greens, reds and golds, but don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, like using bright apple green or fun hip designs like polka dots. If you have a contemporary pattern, mix in vintage pieces such as pressed glass drinkware to create a sense of tradition and nostalgia.

“If you don’t want to purchase an entire set of holiday china, think about getting cups and saucers or accent plates from seasonal patterns that coordinate with your everyday dinnerware. You can use those at mealtime, or just for coffee and dessert. We’re even mixing and matching various holiday accent plates on the same table to create a fun festive feel,” adds Griffith.

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Tablescapes for Thanksgiving

colored glass table setting

Saying goodbye to summer doesn’t have to be a sentimental ending when you consider it’s also a beginning – the kick off to autumn and the holiday season. The promise of fall is in the air. It’s a great time to dress up your home for fall entertaining; whether that means friends gathered around the television rooting for your favorite team or the ultimate traditional Thanksgiving feast.

“Decorating trends for this fall are really fun and functional,” says visual merchandiser John Griffith. “Colors that evoke a sense of nostalgia and family are a really big part of the visual design message for autumn 2013. Reds, golds and oranges are trending this fall. These hues are not only warm and comforting; they’re reflective of the season.”

Griffith and teammate Julie Robbins add their own unique spin on the latest trends to create seasonal design vignettes for Replacements, Ltd., the world’s largest retailer of old and new china, crystal, silver and collectibles. Whether you are planning a casual family gathering or an elegant dinner party, Robbins suggests easy ways to mix in great fall colors. This can be as simple as adding a charger plate or colorful serving pieces.

 “Using colored glass is fantastic way of infusing autumn colors to create a seasonal feel,” says Robbins. “Amber colored glass is really popular this fall because the rich, warm color goes with so many patterns and designs. I’m big on the pressed vintage patterns; depression glass, coin glass and sandwich glass are all very lovely and nostalgic. We’re actually mixing and matching patterns from historic American glassmakers including Federal, Indiana Glass and Fostoria on our tables. It looks great to mix designs which share the same colors or combine an array of colors within a place setting.”

four thanksgiving table settings

Fall’s bountiful harvest translates into the home this season. Robbins is using natural elements in her table designs that evoke a sense of the first Thanksgiving.

 “I suggest filling vases, glasses or serving bowls with dried beans, acorns or even kernels of dried deer corn. Not only does this look pretty, you can also mix in candles or flowers and use these natural elements to hold those items in place.”

Robbins adds apples, gourds, pumpkins and green pears are among fruits and vegetables you can use on your table or anywhere in your home to create a brilliant splash of color.

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Beacon Hill – The Ankasa: Legacy Collection

Alexis Audette, vice president and creative director at Beacon Hill fabrics

Alexis Audette, Vice President and Creative Director at Beacon Hill fabrics

On November 14th, Alexis Audette, the Vice President and Creative Director for Beacon Hill, came to Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors in New Providence, NJ, and presented the new fabric collection Ankasa: Legacy to an enthusiastic group of Interior Designers and clients.

Beacon Hill has partnered with Ankasa, to create the exciting, textured line inspired by the Indian marketplace. With a focus on the finest embroidery and embellishment techniques, Ankasa: Legacy delights with vibrant colors and lush constructions.

Ankasa: Legacy reveals elements of the Ankasa founders, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia’s fashion sensibility and cultural heritage, and expands upon the original Ankasa line, Iconic, with bold colors and exquisite constructions they are known for.” says Alexis.

The collection is inspired by traditional embroidery techniques from India, completely updated with a modern color palette and contemporary style. The natural dye indigo, vermillion, marigold and persimmon are prevalent hues in the collection.

Ankasa Legacy indigo colorways

Ankasa Legacy vermillion colorways

Ankasa Legacy marigold/persimmon colorway

Beacon Hill brings exclusive, finely crafted fabrics, trim and home furnishings to the interior design trade. Inspired internationally and designed for luxury, the offerings are truly one-of-a-kind. Beacon Hill has a tradition of using refined materials, an opulent color palette and sophisticated construction to provide understated elegance for those seeking a gracious style of living. As an extension of its superb fabric collections, Beacon Hill provides distinctive furnishings and exquisite trim.

Ankasa video

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Color Mix – Fall Hues

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As the thermometer dips, Reds, Golds and Oranges are warming up this autumn.
These welcoming hues bring warmth and comfort and add a little spice
to your home and hearth.

D E S I G N  D I S C O V E R I E S 

fall furnishings, wallpaper, tile mosaic, couch, chair, rug

The changing colors of leaves can provide inspiration for interior decor, but why do they change color in the fall?
As summer ends and autumn comes, the days get shorter and the trees “know” to begin getting ready for winter. During winter, there is not enough light or water for photosynthesis. The green chlorophyll disappears from the leaves. As the bright green fades away, we begin to see yellow and orange colors. In some trees, like maples, glucose is trapped in the leaves after photosynthesis stops. Sunlight and the cool nights of autumn cause the leaves to turn the glucose into a red color.

Earth Pigments
Earth pigments are naturally occurring minerals, principally iron oxides, that people have used in paints for thousands of years for their natural color. These natural pigments are found in rocks and soils around the world, where different combinations of minerals create vibrant colors that are unique to the regional landscapes. Some earth pigments are roasted in order to intensify their color. Earth pigments include ochers, sienna, and umbers.

Ochers pigmentsOCHERS come from naturally tinted clay containing mineral oxides. Among the oldest pigments known to humankind, ochers have been used by Aboriginal people in Australia for thousands of years for painting, body decoration, ceremonial practices, and the preservation of animals skins. Available in a range of yellows, golds, and reds.




UMBERS are clay pigment that contains iron and manganese oxides. The name is said to be derived from the Latin word umbra (shadow) or from the mountainous Italian region of Umbria, where umber was originally extracted. Unearthed umbers are harvested from Italy, Ardennes, and the island of Cyprus. Darker in color than ochers and sienna. Colors range from cream to brown, depending on the ratio of iron and manganese compounds.

AND look to your spice rack for rich earthy tones of pumpkin spice, cinnamon, ginger, paprika, curry and turmeric.


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Canine Design For The Top Dog

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Pets will love the sense of shelter provided by the shell and the clean simple design pleases people.
The pod is made from birch plywood, with choice of veneer. Dog Pod  is truly an iconic piece.
Dimensions: 20″ wide, 20″ deep and 21″ tall.


Furniture designer Luke Wong created Doca Pet™ in order to provide modern products for everyone’s domesticated friends.



“One Jackson” doghouse crafted by William Pedersen FAIA of the highly respected architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox took doggy design to the next level. Great care was taken to make the 20 sq. ft. ‘One Jackson’ the best doghouse ever made. Perhaps the only animal enclosure with its own green roof, the structure has natural ventilation and features a nautilus-like design that can be rotated seasonally to take advantage of cool breezes or guard against chill winds. The sustainable roof has a fully integrated drainage system, and also provides a naturally comfortable perch for the dog in temperate weather. The curvaceous form was inspired by dogs’ proclivity for circling three times before resting. The doghouse will be auctioned at the annual “Top Dog Gala” with a starting bid of $15,000.



It’s a bed! It’s a dog house! But more importantly, it’s a cozy retreat handcrafted and made-to-order
for your favorite four-legged friend from the designers at Sixhands.
Made of Douglas Fir Plywood without any harmful stain or paint.
Bed: 55 x 65 x 20, Cover: Natural Cotton Canvas.



Tennis Anyone? Constructed from recycled tennis balls from the New York Metro area, the HEX Tennis furniture collection makes this dog bed very sporty. The bed will fit smaller dog breeds like this adorable Boston terrier.

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