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Easy Dos and Don’ts for choosing colors for Painting Your House

When you are all set to repaint your home, and ready with every essential tool for the house painting job, the only thing that remains is to pick the right color and the right shade. You cannot just start your house painting job by picking any paint shade that you can lay your hands on. This process needs proper thought and detailed research. You need to take into consideration all the aspects of living while choosing the right color. If needed, ask a professional, but ensure that you have made a well-thought decision.


As a house painting job is something that is supposed to last for at least 5 years, it is a huge decision. Before choosing the color, ask yourself whether you can live with that color for years. To make your task easier, here are some simple dos and don’ts to guide you through the process.

  • Don’t – Do not pick the paint color first: Well obviously this is what people do usually – get done with bigger tasks first and picking the right color is one of the biggest tasks in a house painting job. But if you do this, you are wrong. Picking the color first is like pinning yourself in a corner far away from the right match as you miss out to see what all the fabrics and elements that influence the color shade of the room. Plan the complete room and then decide what colors match the fabrics and the furniture the best, Keep an open mind.
  • Do – Know the color terminologies: Knowing the color terminologies will help you grasp more when a professional advise you on color picking. There are some simple basic terms that enable you to understand the color shades in detail.
    • Hue: It is what you call a color. Red, blue, green are hues.
    • Hue value: The hue value is the amount of a color in a particular shade. It is generally measured between 0 to 100, 0 being no amount of color at all and 100 being the highest value.
    • Saturation: This refers to how dominant a hue is. From going from red to pink, the saturation of red reduces.
    • Intensity: It is the brilliance of the color. Pure colors are more intense than combined ones.
  • Don’t – Do not just stick to the neutrals: These tips are somewhat tricky. You need to first decide where the attention of the room should be centered. If your answer is the walls, then you need to go bold while choosing colors. But then for that, you need to choose furniture and curtain fabrics of neutral color so that everything does not end up competing for attention. But if your furniture and room fabrics are already of bold colors, it is preferable that you pick a neutral color for a wall paint. You can also highlight one wall with bold paint and leave the rest of the walls painted with neutral colors. But a whole room full of neutral colors is a complete negative.



  • Do – Test the paint using testers: Before starting a house painting job, get paint tester cans and paint small patches on various walls to check how the paint looks when the light hits it at different times of the day. Make sure you do not forget to test it against furniture fixtures to see if they blend in. take into consideration the current trends in house painting as well.

With these Dos and Don’ts, you can get a clear guideline for your house painting project and you can easily choose the ideal color for the house walls. The home becomes more pleasant if the wall colors are bright. Always go for happy and gay colors.

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All that you need to know about vertical blinds for Window!

Do you want a window treatment solution that offers privacy along with control over light? If yes, then you can opt for the vertical blinds for window. These blinds are not similar to the mini blinds as the slates that hang are in upright direction and not in the horizontal direction. Due to this, it becomes simple to personalize these to fit exactly with the width of the window. Hence, it is a great choice for covering the large space or area that has odd dimensions. Would you like to install vertical blinds for window? If yes, then wait a little while before your order! It is better to know the advantages it offers and what all things to consider before you make the purchase. With this, you will be able to pick the best ones for your home or office needs.


Some benefits of vertical blinds for window are as follows:

Helps to Save A Lot Of Money:

This is one of the best benefits that you get from these blinds. Installation of these blinds is very simple and you do not need any professional assistance for the same. Hence, it helps in saving installation fees. Along with that, these blinds also save up on the energy bills. Sun rays that enter your home can make your home heat up, but by covering the window through these blinds you can block the sun rays. This helps in keeping your home cold and you will use less of an air conditioner. Ultimately, it helps on saving energy bills.


Offers Protection to Your Skin:

Vertical blinds are beneficial for your home and also to your health. You might surely know that sun rays comprise of Ultra Violet rays that are harmful for your skin. With these blinds, you will be able to block sunlight and Ultra Violet rays for coming into your home. Hence, with this, you can safeguard your eyes, skin and other parts of the body.

Offers Protection to Furniture:

These blinds offer great protection to your furniture. Normally, the rays of the sun weaken the furniture and their structure. However, when you install these blinds you can block the sun rays and provide protection to the furniture so that it does not get damage and fade.


Lots of Options Available:

One of the best benefits of using these blinds is that you have a lot of choices as far as material, shades, textures, patterns and sizes are concerned. Hence, you will be able to easily find the one that best suits your home décor. However, in case you are finding a fancy option and have a less budget then fabric blinds can be a good choice.

  • In case you have made up your mind to purchase vertical blinds for window then you need to know the material choices available for these blinds.
  • When it comes to vertical blinds there are two most popular choices available that are PVC and plastic blinds. Among these, you can consider using any of these for your home windows. A good thing about these is that you can find a variety of color choices for the same. Therefore, you can select the color that compliments the color of your furniture and wall.
  • Would you like to add a classy and elegant look to your room? If yes, selecting these blinds for window made of wood can be a good option. You can get lots of species of wood for these blinds. On top of that, they are very decorative.
  • Are you looking for low budget vertical blinds for window? Well, in that case vertical blinds made out of fabric can be a good choice. As far as these kinds of blinds are concerned there are wide ranges of color choices available and so you can easily find the one that matches your furniture.


Author Bio

Zac Ferry is a good experience writer, blogger and social media promoter by providing valuable information which help readers to get more ideas. Follow him on Google+ and Twitter.

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How to Secure Your Home with the Help of Roller Shutters

The roller shutters are steadily growing to be one of the most widely used equipment in residential and commercial spaces. This is due to several reasons including protection from harsh climatic conditions, intruders and even optimal privacy. In fact, they have the ability to improve the security of your house to a dramatic extent. How is that possible? Well, here are the four ways, how these shutters tend to provide an all-round security to your property and they are


Roller Shutters


  • Strong Materials: An amazing benefit of these shutters is that they are made up of strong, sturdy and durable material. They are not so easy to break, as a result of which the probability of intruder attack reduces. Moreover, they are extremely affordable and thus can work as a great alternative to any high-tech security system. In fact, they are even easy to install in comparison to any other security mediums.


  • Less Visibility: A major problem that residential and even commercial properties have to face is that people are able to view inside, and this is something that makes you an easy target of the intruders, especially if they have noticed something expensive. Now, keeping every part of the house 100% private is a difficult task, however with the help of roller shutters you can decrease the visibility, securing every part of the property.


  • Deterrent: The presence of these shutters is itself a form of deterrent for intruders, and they will never try to break-into such houses or offices. This is because, in such cases the noise that is made by the shutter when they are trying to open it can alarm the people and they will never be able to get in.


  • Smart Sensors: To enhance the efficacy of roller shutters there are many companies that provide these with smart sensors. The sensors detect motion, where an in-built alarm is immediately activated, alerting the people nearby. Further, you even have the opportunity to install cameras in them, so that everything that occurs can be recorded to perfection. It is a great option when you do live in your property or when it is situated at the outskirts of the city.


Benefits of Roller Shutters


Tips on Getting the True Benefits of Roller Shutters

Purchasing roller shutter and fixing it at any part of the house, is not going to guarantee proper security, instead there are a few tips that you must look after, which begins right from the purchase of shutters, the area of installation and the work of professionals.

Purchase only the best quality shutters that will be able to meet the demands of your house. When looking for the right option you can consider the type of material used in its making, the technology adhered by it (manual, automatic, smart sensors) and its lifespan. With this you will be able to purchase an ultimate security solution at nominal prices.




Once you have the roller shutters the next thing is to focus on the area where you must install it. Experts comprehend to the fact, that having roller shutters in the windows of living area, and even at the area which you want to be protected is of utmost importance. Using these key places, you will be able to get optimal security. Further, you can even consult with a professional to know more about the right area of installation.

After understanding the perfect area where you want the shutters to be installed the final step is to contact a roller shutters contractor who can install the system in an appropriate manner.

Joseph Webb Author Bio:

Joseph Webb is an excellent blogger and philosopher, His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more idea. Follow him on Facebook, Google. Pinterest and Twitter.


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Timber: A Superior Flooring Material Combined with Beauty and Warmth

Interested in going for a royal rustic look? Wood is your option. Wood is becoming a common choice for people now days because of the flooring materials durability, and easy restorability. However, when it comes to maintaining it we need a sealing treatment for it. The wood that is sold for flooring purpose is protected against termites, rot etc. Periodic maintenance of the floor must be done to maximize protection against weathering.


Selecting the right kind of timber flooring would mainly rely upon its price, color and its expected performance that can provide for a long term satisfaction. Prior to getting the high quality timber floor installed keep in mind, the leveling the floor is important to avoid any problems while installation. Timber flooring is different and no other type of flooring can match up its uniqueness and beauty.

The look of this is increasing day by day, thanks to advanced technology. The floor may also have multi layering which further increase its strength. Also they have greater amount of strength. Newly installed floors make screech sound at the beginning but sometimes even after settling of the floors they may produce creaking noises in some areas which should not be ignored and special attention must be paid upon the same.

There can be different types of timber flooring including the ones as follows:

  • Solid timber flooring
  • Engineered timber
  • Recycled timber
  • Hardwood flooring


How to Select the Right Type of Timber Floor

 What warranties are given to the customers?

  • To what degree is the floor scratch resistant?
  • Is the product of good quality?



How to Get your Timber Floors Installed

 There are different ways of getting up timber floors installed which includes the below points:

  • Tongue-and-groove flooring is installed by glue, floating or nail down.
  • Click and Woodloc systems can be installed without using adhesives.
  • A floor connection system allows for different materials like wood and metals to be installed together if the connection system is the same.
  • Glue down method is the most popular method for installing high quality timber floor. The glue is spread on the floor and the wooden planks are placed over it.
  • Floating installation makes the planks locked together without using glue or nails.


Reasons for Deterioration of the Timber Floors

 Problems are caused because of

  • Changing level of moisture in the air.
  • Exposure to excessive natural light.
  • Creaking noise from time to time.
  • Dampness under the floor.
  • Non availability of intermediate expansion joints.
  • Non leveled floor



Tips that Help You Maintain your Timber Floors

  • Use dirt trapping mats in order to avoid dirt and sand into your rooms that can lead to wear and tear of your high quality timbers floors. This can help in preventing the scratches on the floor.
  • Fit protective pads under your tables and chairs or material that can lead to scratching up the floor in order to avoid surface damage.
  • Wood changes its color if kept under direct sunlight. In order to prevent the floor from changing color and retaining the same, use curtains that can obstruct the path of sunlight entering your rooms.
  • Use humidifiers in case of places where there are chances of moisture variations as excess moisture can bring about cracks in the floor.
  • High heel shoes must be avoided on these floors as they can lead to making dents at the surface of the floor.
  • Do not use household detergents as they are harsh and lead to spoilage of the floors.
  • Use good quality mops for cleaning up the floors.


After reading this information about timber flooring you definitely realize its importance in your home renovation.

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Modern Ideas for Changing the Designs of the Floors

The trade of floor sanding has undergone drastic changes during the recent times and the changes have been reflected in different properties whether residential or commercial. What exactly is the reason for which increasing number of people have started resorting to this option? The truth is that floor sanding is an essential option for wooden floors. Thus, a floor that has been sanded properly not only makes a room impressive but also compliments all kinds of decor in rooms. The idea is to create an extravagant look with new floor designing ideas, making the floors look luxurious and imparting a whole new look to home renovation.

floor sanding

Choosing and maintaining the floors:

 You have to take care to choose the right variety of sander as far as floor sanding is concerned. Choosing one that incorporates the latest technology is a good option when compared with the traditional varieties. Moreover, maintenance of wooden floors is necessary and you cannot ignore this aspect if you want to make your room artistic with a perfect balance of different elements. Read the following points.

  • With old sanders, it is impossible to avoid accumulation of dust although the development of new technology has allowed people to avoid the messy appearance to a great extent.
  • The machines that are used in the present day world collect the dust with suction method and make it easy for you to clean up the area after the completion of flooring.
  • To make the job easy and effective, you must hire professional that have worked in this field for hours. The best thing is to gather knowledge about floor sanding and how it can protect the floors will allow you to get into a position where you will enjoy the freedom of asking for professional services.
  • There is a plethora of options that will allow you get the best finished floors at affordable process. Visit the professionals even if you have chosen the agency online. Communicating with the service providers directly will help you understand the procedure that the agency will follow and also help them understand your requirements when it comes to floor sanding and its different aspects.


floor sanding1

Taking care wooden floor:

 While a lot of people intend to create revolution when it comes to home renovation and make mistakes in choosing the right materials which not only leads to wastage of money but destroys the appearance of the room to a great extent. For wooden floor sanding, there are measures that must be taken after installation. How to maintain the sanding of wooden floors? Take a look at the following points.

  • It is necessary to apply a protective coating after wooden floor sanding to maintain the original shine.
  • After the application of the coat, care must be taken not to step into the floor or scratching it by chance which can destroy the aesthetic value of the room to a great extent. When you have hired professional for carrying out this task, it is good to pay heed to their advice when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.
  • The only thing that you can do is to walk barefoot on the floor and avoid putting furniture on it directly until it dries up completely.
  • When you take proper care of floor sanding for a week, you will enjoy its beauty for years to come.


Things to remember:

 It is good to have your own understanding of floor sanding before appointing professionals for this purpose. Many people prefer a glossy appearance on the floor while others prefer matte shades. In addition to this, you must also try to get an idea of the pricing options that are available with the quality of the work to make the most of floor sanding that can alter the appearance of the room.

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9 Artful Tips for an Easter Makeover

Easter is a moveable feast. It is an ancient holiday celebrating Spring, fertility, Passover, or all of the above. This year, however you choose to honor Easter, use it is an opportunity to transition your home for spring and prepare for a stylish Easter dinner. Spring colors aren’t limited to just feminine pastels. Bold colors — including black and white — accented with greens and yellows, can easily be incorporated into a sophisticated and modern Easter makeover for your home. Refresh with these springtime design tips a few weeks before guests arrive:

floral canvas

Framed Fabrics

Add a boost of color to walls by swapping photos or artwork in the hallway for framed fabric swatches in Easter-inspired prints. For a sophisticated look, select understated spring textiles like black and white floral’s or geometric patterns in seasonal colors that pop. Short on picture frames? Better Homes and Gardens suggests clustering the prints together on a gallery wall using different-sized canvases covered with fabric.

Full Bloom

Nothing adds brightness and cheer to a home like a vibrant display of flowers. Take advantage of the seasons floral abundance with beautiful spring flower bouquets that can be used as dinner table centerpieces or to dress up an entryway.

Bouquet of Branches

For a grand dinner table centerpiece, arrange a bouquet of blooming branches in a tall glass vase. Look for branches with small, elegant blooms like pussy willow or forsythia. Finish the look with a slender chartreuse ribbon tied around the vase.


cake stand


Domed Displays

Use a glass cake stand with a domed cover to display limes, lemons and clementines, or arrange a cluster of restful succulents. Shop at Williams-Sonoma for a cake stand that can also double as a punch bowl.

Spring Mantel

Decorate a fireplace mantel for spring by draping it with a eucalyptus garland. Alternatively, bring the outdoors in by displaying all-natural elements atop the mantle. For example, in addition to greenery, a driftwood candle holder creates a breezy springtime ambiance.

Decorative Hardware

Exchange metal knobs and drawer pulls on dining room furniture for vintage green, pink, yellow or white porcelain hardware. Make the look more organic by varying the textures and colors.

rainbootsBud Vases

Sprinkle miniature white ceramic pitchers and vases throughout the house and fill them with spring blooms like hydrangeas or simple sprigs of baby’;s breath. For a grouped display, stack hardcover books in varying heights and place vases on top and in front for added depth. For a more antique look, use teacups or depression glassware.


For a burst of color in the entryway, fill two or three tall, galvanized buckets with daffodils or display show-stopping red tulips in a pair of sunny yellow rain boots. If you are so fortunate, you could even showcase newly blossomed flowers from your own garden!

Floral Textiles

Infuse your home with ornate floral prints on cushions, throws, tablecloths or tea towels. Use vibrant, nature-inspired colors and designs like lilacs, peonies and wildflowers. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints, as long as at least one color threads through them all to unite the design. Look to Architectural Digest’s Pinterest board for beautiful floral inspiration.

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7 Ideas for Decorating Under the Stairs

For homes with unused space under a stairway, it can be a challenge find a way to actually use that space. Leaving it bare makes that awkward angular area distracting, but you probably couldn’t do anything functional with that space either, right?

On the contrary! There are numerous ways to make that odd-shaped void beneath your stairs functional and useful, and perhaps even a focal area in your foyer, entryway, basement, or wherever else your stairway leads. Read on for seven decorating ideas for utilizing that untapped resource under your stairs.


One way to make the space under your stairway useful is to create storage by building drawers and shelves. It can be a place for guests to hang jackets or purses, where you put discarded or dirty shoes, and an accessible place for hats and umbrellas on rainy days. In the home pictured above, the shelves look very deliberate and at-home as if they have always been there rather than being added later. The space’s utility also makes it much more attractive. Image via Houzz.


Hidden Closet
stairs02The owner of this home chose to install a hidden closet under the stairway. When closed, none of your guests would ever know that you have storage space beneath the stairs. It could be used as a coat closet and to store seasonal items like holiday decorations, or for things like your vacuum and broom. Not only does having secret storage prevent guests from accidentally finding your cleaning supplies and Christmas decorations, but it’s also just plain fun. Image via Houzz.


Wet Bar


Depending on the room in which you have your stairway, it could be appropriate and useful to build a wet bar or a butler’s bar in the space beneath your stairs. This would be a great way to not only fill that awkward space, but to put something functional and useful there that’s also a great focal area and conversation piece. By installing a wine fridge and a sink, you’ll have everything you need for entertaining guests in what used to be empty, distracting space. Image via Houzz.


Cozy Reading Nook


Another great use for the space under your stairs is to make it a picturesque reading nook. This home features a bench containing drawers for storage and covered with a plush cushion and pillows. The space is incredibly cozy and inviting, any bookworm’s dream retreat. Image via Houzz.


Child’s Play

stairs05If your stairway leads into a basement or playroom, you could turn the space under your stairway into a fun, playful space for kids. The owner of this home turned the wasted space under the basement stairway into a playroom that looks like a little house. With a window, Dutch door, and even a little roof, the space is now unique, functional, and sure to delight any child. Image via Houzz.


Powder Room

stairs06If you can access the space beneath your stairs from the rear rather than the side, there’s nothing more functional than a half-bath or powder room. Although you may think there’s not enough space, you’d be surprised; you need only enough space for a toilet and small sink such as in this modern homeImage via Houzz.


Office Enclave


Another great use for the space beneath your main stairway is making a miniature office space. Having a desk there, like an accessible and convenient satellite of your main home office, allows you to work without being isolated in your office. If your home can’t accommodate an office, this allows you to use the space beneath your stairs and have a desk for work, writing, or other important tasks at the same time. Image via Houzz.

For more inspiration for your home, go to Modernize.

Text by Jane Blanchard  

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Time to Spruce Up Your Walls: Wallpaper is Making a Comeback!


While it’s no doubt that the days of fully wallpapered homes are far behind us, wallpaper has not entirely gone out of style. In fact, in recent years, wallpaper sales have been going up!

And with good reason: adding wallpaper to a room enhances depth, texture, pattern, color, and, of course, style. Whether it’s one wall or all four, wallpaper adds a unique flair to any room that may be otherwise lacking some visual stimulation. With all this in mind, here are four different avenues to explore the use of wallpaper in your home.

For those afraid of commitment:
Still not sold on the whole idea of a long-term change to the walls of your home? Not a problem! Try this not-so-permanent removable wallpaper out for a try. With various colors and patterns to choose from, you are sure to find something you’ll love, without having to make a lasting commitment.

See how this feels:
Perhaps a colored or patterned wallpaper isn’t something you’re interested in, and you prefer the cooler and monochromatic tones. You can still add interest with wallpaper in a more tactile way by using texture. From faux-stone to even roll on beadboard, you can maintain visual elegance and simplicity, without sacrificing your unique style.

Stencil-wallpaperEverybody loves an accent:
Committing to a fully wallpapered room sounds too intimidating? If that’s the case, try a new pattern or color out on an accent wall. By using complimentary hues that align with the room’s existing paint, furniture, and accessories, this wallpaper will both make its own statement and pull the room together overall. Since you will just be using the wallpaper on one surface, you can make bolder choices in color and pattern, with less risk of overwhelming the room. Use it on the wall with the most square footage or with the most unique aspects to make the room seem bigger and to create the most drama.

Fake it ’til you make it:
Flashbacks from the 70s may be keeping your urge to try wallpaper at bay, and that’s okay. By using a stencil, you can create a faux-wallpaper affect on any wall you desire. By using a high-gloss or shiny paint, create a stencil pattern on your desired walls to fill in. The room will be instantly enhanced and you have the ease-of-mind of knowing: it’s just paint. Try this for a fully-wallpapered look, and accent wall, or even as a border.


Photos courtesy of Graham & Brown, Cutting Edge Stencils

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Dividing Open Space into Separate Living Areas

Has an open floor plan got you stumped on ways to distinguish your space? Perhaps your open living area is just a little too open-  so much so that you wish to “split” it into both living and dining areas,  while still having room for a flow of traffic and a clear line to the kitchen area. Or, perhaps, you live in a studio or open loft where the only walls within your space happen to surround your bathroom. Here are some useful tricks to help define your space without stopping the flow of light or vision.

1) Define a space with an area rug:

Yes, sometimes feeling like you’re entering a new space can be as simple as changing up the texture beneath your feet. Area rugs give the visual appearance of a distinct space by simply defining a specific area. Using these under a dining room table or between furniture in a living arrangement can do a wonderful job of breaking up the space visually.

2) Carefully arrange your furniture:

Seemingly obvious, right? It can be tricky sometimes to achieve the perfect layout for a room without blocking the flow of traffic or making a  comfortable arrangement for living, eating, talking, or watching TV. When arranging a living space, be sure that the furniture all has comfortable viewing access to the TV (or other visual focal point if you’re not a TV person), but more importantly, make sure that the entire space keeps a smooth conversational layout so that guests are more able to enjoy each others’ company. Create a single walkway by arranging all of the furniture more to one side of the room, as to allow the most basic line on vision and a visual break in furniture. This will allow for a smooth traffic flow and minimal stubbed toes.

3) Purchase a divider:

Especially in studios or lofts, dividers may be a crucial part of ensuring some privacy in a bedroom area, or creating a more intimate dining experience. Dividers can be found in most furniture retailers, and pricing and style options all depend on the atmosphere you are trying to achieve. There are also some wonderful DIY tricks online for creating a custom divider, which will ensure that your unique taste and style is fully represented. Having this divider will create an obvious visual block and make it seem like there are more separate spaces in your home than there really are, making your place seem at the same time larger and cozier.

4) Use different color schemes:

Separating a space can be as easy as playing a little trick on the human eye. By painting the different sections of the walls different colors where your spaces change, and of course by accessorizing to fit those colors, a visual difference in said spaces will create visual “rooms” without the need for dividing walls. This strategy will also bring more visual interest into your home and allow you to have a lot more fun decorating by bringing in more opportunities for colorful accessorizing.

So take a deep breath and let your inner Feng-shui guru/interior designer out. Your open space doesn’t all have to be one large room, and separating it can be as easy as purchasing a rug and a few cans of paint. Don’t be afraid to experiment visually and most of all, let your personality shine through the design choices you make.

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4 Interior and Exterior Projects That Will Boost the Value of Your Home


When it comes to home improvements, not all are created equal. While some add definite value to the price of your home, others may be nice to have, but don’t do much to boost overall asking price. Regardless of whether you want to make interior and exterior improvements for yourself and your family or if you want to get your home ready to sell, the following home improvement projects can be especially beneficial.

Kitchen Updates

UntitledA great way to add value to your home is by updating the kitchen. Most homeowners can expect to receive between 60 to 120 percent of their investment back when it comes time to sell the home, according to MoneyCrashers. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and gut the entire kitchen to make it much nicer than every other home on the block.

Relatively simple upgrades, like getting rid of your old countertops and replacing them with a beautiful and luxurious looking marble or granite, and swapping out your laminate floors with durable and attractive tiles can make a world of difference. You might also consider purchasing new appliances including a high-end refrigerator


New Windows

windowsYou don’t have to wait until your windows have obvious damage (like cracks or breaks) to consider replacing them. Windows have come a long way over the years and in addition to looking really good, they can help lower energy costs. Take an honest look at the windows throughout your home; if they are looking pretty tired and if you can feel the hot or cool outside air coming in, it is definitely time for an upgrade. As a bonus, new windows will improve the appearance of both the interior and exterior of the home.


Plant Trees

Original_BPF-Holiday-House_Improving your home’s curb appeal can both make it look nicer and boost its value. As HGTV notes, a relatively easy way to do this is to plant a tree or two. Choose small saplings that will grow into beautiful shade trees. Adding some shrubs and lovely flowers is also a nice way to improve the look of the exterior of your home. You can either work with a local landscaper who can provide you with some ideas for choosing the best plants for your area and soil type, or you can visit your local garden store for ideas and advice. (photo courtesy of HGTV)


Upgrade the Bathroom

photo_4As a rule of thumb, focus first on the master bath. When it comes to a return on your investment, this bathroom tends to be at the top of the list. In addition to more obvious upgrades- like a new toilet and vanity- you should also consider updating the floor to something more stylish. For example, tiles look great and can withstand getting wet. Other upgrades that can boost your home’s value include a mosaic glass back-splash behind the sink, a new tub with jets, and fresh paint on the walls.

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