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Chandeliers & Lamps

Lighting a room is more than just about the fixture; it’s about the type of light cast and the shadows it creates, it’s about placement, rhythm, nuance and the demands of the room. And it’s also about the fixture.

When a client teams up with a CW&I designer, they take into account the entire room as a whole when considering any of its discreet details, especially the lighting.

Because of the client’s strategic alliance with CW&I, they not only have access to the world’s supply of wonderful luminous things, but also to a knowledgeable guide who can help them imagine and create within all the possibilities.

Lighting is one of the most elemental and important aspects in a successful interior design, and yet it’s still only one aspect. CW&I is there for you every step of the way with 30 years of experience, knowledge, and connections to help you make the right decisions towards the best possible outcome.

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