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How To Design Your Sports Room

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We all know about the man cave—that solitary room in the home designated solely for the man, complete with giant-screened TV, pool table, comfy seating and possibly a refrigerator stocked full of his favorite after-hours drink. Yet, with baseball season just beginning, it seems like the perfect man cave might just be a sports room. Using your favorite sport team’s colors as the room’s color schemeis a great starting point, but there are other routes you could take to take your sports room to the next level.

Sports Memorabilia - Signed Baseball

Sport Memorabilia Displays

Some of the biggest sports fans own large collections of sports memorabilia. Maybe it’s a baseball you caught that landed in the stands, a vast collection of basketball cards that you’ve been collecting since the age of 15, or jerseys that you got signed by your favorite football players. Maybe it’s sports hats, pennants and equipment that you’ve acquired over the years. Whatever your sports memorabilia, beproud and display them! Find glass cases or frames in which you can show off your pride-and-joys to those who enter your space.

Entertainment Galore

If you don’t want to bask in your sports room’s glory alone, you may just want to consider designing your room so that it’s capable of entertaining as well. Sports Room - Vintage Baseball PosterFirst step, find comfortable seating for your guests to sit on—maybe a leather sofa or recliners. A giant-screened TV would also be an appropriate addition; maybe your sports room could double as sports room and theater, where all the guys can come to watch the big games of the season. If you’re entertaining often, you could go so far as to have a bar built into your sports room, complete with manly bar stools.

Vintage Sports Art

While posters of your current favorite sports player may be an obvious choice for your sports room, consider using vintage sports art and posters to line the walls. The pictures are appealing and add a touch of history. Not to mention, your sports memorabilia and vintage sports art will also serve as entertainment for your guests (and could even be displayed at the bar).


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Carl Malamund / CC_BY

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Walk-In Closet Design

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The walk-in closet may not be the most visited room in the home, but that doesn’t mean it deserves less attention than any other room.

We go inside our closets everyday to pick out an outfit, so don’t let our clothes be the only trendy thing inside. Let’s make our walk-in closets’ designs trendy as well. How do we do this?

Pick a general atmosphere for the closet. It could be open and cheerful, modern and simple or sleek and luxurious. Whatever the chosen atmosphere, we must decide on lighting and colors. Natural lighting is one option. Placing windows or skylights within or throughout the closet can open up the room, making it seem more spacious. If natural lighting doesn’t fit your tastes, you may want to incorporate lighting that will make the room shine, such as chandeliers or intriguing floor lamps.

Walk-in Closet Light

When it comes to colors, there are two routes that we could take: bright or dark colors. Choosing bright, colorful tones to fill your walk-in closet can provide a playful or light atmosphere, while darker tones can accentuate the luxury and sleekness of the closet’s inhabitants.

Next, let’s decide how the room will be set up and organized. Walk-in closets come in all shapes and sizes—both in long and narrow spaces and roomy ones—and depending on the closet’s set up, you’ll need to find out the best way to organize your clothes, shoes and accessories. In some spaces, shelves and rods may do the trick. In other spaces, drawers and canvas storage boxes might work better. In more spacey closets, larger dressers and cabinets could do the job.

Walk-in Closet Organize

However, it’s the small, eye-catching details that matter the most when it comes to making your walk-in closet exceptionally trendy. The carefully chosen pieces of furniture will accentuate your closet’s design and make it stand out. Floor-length or wall mirrors can be great accessories for walk-in closets; a vanity table would also be a nice addition to any spacey walk-in closet.

Walk-in Closet Mirror

A colorfully patterned bench in the middle of the room or a few upholstered chairs around the closet could provide your space with a place to sit, as well as a pop of color. Carpets and rugs also add special touches to the room, adding color, patterns and texture.

Walk-in Closet Bench

Whatever you decide to do with your walk-in closet, keep in mind that its design is just as important as the clothes within it.

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Cordon Blue: a brief history of blue design over time

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Maya blue is a stunning azure pigment used as early as the year 800. It’s made of plants, dyes and clays, and it hasn’t lost it’s beautiful blue luster over time.



You can say you have arrived, or at the very least your home has when its rooms have their own names, and are famous in their own right. One such room is called The Blue Room, it’s comprised of three parlors on the ground floor of The White House.

(As a related aside, The Blue House is the equivalent home and executive office of the head of the state of South Korea. It’s also the name of the historic Frida Kahlo home.)

Obama and Singh in Blue room



The Blue Room at The Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria, in New Orleans has seen almost as many iconic guests as the one in Washington, D.C. Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Ella Fitzgerald (who sang a song called The Blue Room) included.


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Into Blues

A few of our favorite blue designs from our very own Creative Wallcoverings and Interiors (CW&I) collections.

2222 (2)

444 (1)444 (2)

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Productive Spaces

Let’s face it: appearances matter.  From the cars we drive to the food we eat, images play a central role in our perception of the world around us.  When we go on a job interview, we dress professionally so that even our clothing exudes competence and expertise.  Our homes and offices are no exception to the judgments we pass based on appearance; like our wardrobe, these spaces reflect our personal and professional lives.  Though we are told not to judge a book by its cover, in business, first impressions are   very significant.

My son and I recently visited a doctor who is well-renowned in his field, while his credentials were indisputable; his office was a poor reflection of his professionalism and ability. It was messy, cluttered, and frankly, not what we expected of a doctor with such prestige. Though well-respected in his field, this doctor’s disorganized office left me and my son questioning his medical capabilities.

When designing your own office space, it’s important to keep both appearance and functionality in mind.  Tailor your office space to your occupation!  If you’re a psychologist, a design plan that evokes a calm and soothing environment is really what you’re after.  For an interior designer like me, creative items like fabric samples and story boards would be my ideal working space to keep my inspired.

But in reality, an office space can’t just be pretty – it has to be functional too!  This spring, the most popular comment we received as people walked through the office CW&I designed for the Mansion in May was, “I could get a lot of work done here.”  What was it about this space that generated this reaction?

Color plays a huge role in improving productivity in that it has the ability to change your mood and with the right color it can energize you to get your work done.  In particular, yellows are known for enhancing intelligence and mental agility.  Their bright tones are often associated with happiness and can even increase your focus throughout the day.

Lighting is another key element of productivity in the workplace.  A well-lit, illuminated space is ideal for maximum efficiency and can be achieved with task lighting and reflective surfaces.  If possible, incorporate natural lighting into your office space.  In addition, the ability to look out a window every once and awhile enhances productivity by allowing for quick breaks during the day.

Finally, keeping your office space organized is the only way to ensure efficiency and functionality.  Similar to a kitchen, use the “triangle rule” in your office by arranging the things you use most often – a computer, printer, and file cabinet, for example – into an easily usable triangular shape.  Be sure to keep your desk clean and find a place for everything; by utilizing bins, folders, baskets, and the like, you can eliminate clutter and alleviate stress in your office.

This new year, redesign your office so that it is a space that makes you feel good.  Not only will you be more productive in the office you have designed, but your new space will be a true representation of your and professionalism!



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Monochromatic: Your Long Term Design Plan

Monochromatic is one of the most often used design schemes, as it is long term friendly and will except updating easily.  When using one color you may want to utilize a color wheel going up and down from the original color as well as across the wheel, this will give you varying hues of the same color creating an interest and movement.

A monochromatic room works well in any design style from French country, modern, traditional, to transitional and more. Remember various textures bring more interest in a monochromatic room. Use cotton velvets, linens, leathers, tone on tone patterns, mix your woods and metals, all to bring your room to its completion.

The monochromatic scheme will stand the test of time. As trends come and go simply add a new color in small affordable items such as lamps, pillows, and accessories. This will make you feel as though it is a new room.

 As an interior designer I am always here to help guide you through the process of designing a room that is uniquely yours. Please email me at with any design needs.

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I love color and have been using it expressively ever since I can remember. As a child

I loved nothing more than exploring with the variety of colors in that exciting box of 64 crayons, complete with the built-in sharpener of course! During my teenage years, I would spend hours in my room with canvasses, paints, charcoals, or whatever materials I could use to make my colorful ideas come to life.  When I got bored with the typical art supplies I had, I even painted my walls . . . numerous times!  It was no surprise to my family and friends when I chose to attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia, a place where I continued to draw inspiration from the abundance of colors around me.

But even without an artistic background, we can easily learn a lot about our color personalities by taking a look at things that we like and dislike.  What was your favorite crayon as a child? What color is your car? What color makes you smile? What color do you wear the most? What color would you never wear at all?

As a designer, color is one of the most important factors when staring a new project.  It is also the most personal.  By really thinking about what different hues mean to you and the feeling they evoke and why, your design plan for your home becomes a true reflection of your color personality.

Some palettes to consider…

“Natural and Warm”

One of my personal favorites, Neutrals. Whites, creams, and the unexpected grey, easy to live with, a great base for layering or a completely monochromatic room. Far from ordinary, with so many choices, each with their own hint of color, neutrals are beautifully serene.

“True Blue”

I am seeing such a trend towards blues lately in my projects. From light and airy sky blue to deep cobalt and navy, all cool and calming. Create some contrast with a navy blue leather sofa or grass cloth wall covering. Classic yet edgy!


Purple in every shade and hue, from feminine soft lilacs to sophisticated aubergine, simply fabulous!  Lavender is comforting and subdued and can transition into most settings. Create some drama with a deep purple in your dining room with a light reflective silver tea paper on the ceiling!

I could continue on with my favorite happy oranges, the passionate reds, fresh greens and the elegant and earthy browns.  Beautiful colors are everywhere. We can find color inspiration in so much of the world around us. Don’t be afraid of color, considering the value and hue and connect those inspirations to your home. The result will be a space that represents you, making your house a home!

For more inspiration view my boards:

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“London Calling”

Now that the 2012 London Olympic Games have come to an end,

I am seeing signs of “Brit” inspiration in so many places.

I love all the connections to the essence of “ British Cool”

and 60’s London Rock culture.

“Brit Chic” is captured in  the Fab Four  cocktail ottoman by C.R.Laine,

a tapestry style ode to The Beatles, in full Sergeant Pepper


Also iconic, the United Kingdom’s flag, with the bold primary colors

and eye catching symmetry. It has been highly regarded in the fashion

industry for years.. now  making its way from the runway to


C.R.Laine’s Dennehy sofa which showcases tribal flags from UK fabric

house Andrew Martin, is a great tribute with its shabby charm.

For more images and inspiration

View my “Brit Chic” board on Pinterest

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Young Duo Turning Heads at Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors

Andrea Daly and Kristin Badolato, better known as AndreaKristin Design Team, are two women in their late 20’s trying to pave their own path in the design industry. Both have Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from Kean University, an award winning Interior Design program, but they didn’t meet while attending college together.

“We were working for different designers and now we both work for Rachel Kapner, the President of Creative Wallcoverings & interiors”, Kirstin said.

“I was already interning with Rachel, so I guess it was kind of fate that we met,” Andrea said. “For us, beginning our AndreaKristin journey at CW&I was a great opportunity as it is one of NJ’s leading interior design firms.  With a beautiful 8,000 sq. ft. design showroom & library, they set themselves apart from the rest.”

Andrea & Kristin formed a team in 2012 and have since moved up within the design world.

“Working as a design team we’re able to bounce creative ideas off one another and it really pushes us to explore different design solutions and ultimately conclude with what we feel is the perfect design balance,” Andrea said.

The two use their own style and flair to create the perfect project every time.

“Our design styles balance each other. I’m a little bit more contemporary, and Kristin is a bit more transitional,” Andrea explained.

“We definitely compliment each other,” Kristin noted.

“Since we were classically trained, we can appreciate traditional design styles but we are also on top of the latest interior design trends.  The two of us are open minded and can relate to clients of varying ages as well as varying tastes,” Kristin said.

Rachel Kapner sees a lot of potential in her newest designers.

“Because they are from a different generation, they bring a new and innovative approach to design. With their knowledge and use of technology, they are able to present design ideas in a whole new way which helps the clients visualize their project from start to finish,” Rachel explained.

With more than 10 years combined at CW&I Kristin and Andrea have the knowledge and experience to create exquisite interiors.



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