Basements can range from small rooms to areas that are as big as an entire floor. There is an endless array of options open to you when you are deciding how to best utilize that extra space. Naturally, you will want to use it as efficiently as possible. It is, therefore, a good idea to focus your decorating and furnishing decisions on getting the most use possible out of the space you have.

Decide What You Want

The first decision that you need to make is deciding what you want from the space in your basement. If you are unsure, then hopefully, the ideas in this article will provide some inspiration. If you have a specific goal in mind, then you should look around at the different design suggestions out there. Take the elements that you like the most from each and incorporate them into a new design entirely of your own creation.

Remember, a basement can be so much more than just extra storage space. With enough love, care, and attention, it is easy to transform your basement from empty space to a room with a purpose. However, you should realize that the basement is one of the hardest rooms to work in for remodeling. Getting stuff in and out isn’t easy, but it is worth it in the long run. Just make sure you know what you are doing. If you make a hole in the wrong place or drill too far in the wrong area, you could end up with a sewer smell in basement.


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Experiment with the Layout

Once you have established what you want from your basement space, you might find that you already have what you need to achieve it in terms of furniture. Sometimes, the only thing holding you back is working out the right arrangement or layout. Anyone who has played Tetris will know that rotating items and rearranging them can make a big difference to the amount of space that you have.

Use Neutral Colors

Vibrant and bold colors have their place in home decorating. They certainly catch the eye and can be used to powerful effect. However, they can also make space feel smaller than it really is. This is not something that you want in a basement room, an area that can already feel claustrophobic at times.

Instead, stick to light, neutral colors such as gray. Not only will this not interfere with the feel of the room, it will keep the tone neutral so that the space can be used for anything you want.

Go Open Plan

This is a particularly effective design choice in smaller basements. Avoid adding walls to your basement area in order to keep it open plan. Rather than physically dividing up the space, instead, use different items, or perhaps different colors on the walls, in order to distinguish one area from another.

Open plan makes it easy to do multiple different things with the space you have. It also ensures that the space remains versatile and you can use it for different things in the future.

These are just some ideas to get you started. Your basement doesn’t have to be wasted space! It just needs you to take control and think carefully about how you use it.