The ultimate solution of any design dilemma we face these days lies way back in ancient human history. If you are looking for practical inspiration that is feasible enough to provide you with handsome tips for beautifully organizing your living room, opting for old cultural history will be an effective idea. Collecting beautiful looking items and artistic objects is the practice that our ancestors passionately worshiped. So the glass cabinets you see adopted in modern lifestyle is the sophistication of natural habits of our predecessors.


The things that they collected, cherished, and later displayed include animal horns, leather-made objects, pelt skins of wild animals, fur hats, patterned pottery, china bowls, rocks, seashells, small sculptures and carvings and figurines. This habit was thought to bring prosperity and much leisure for those who lived in class-driven civilization. It was the time when collecting and exhibiting items like antique china pieces, furniture and decorative objects of artistic taste became so popular.

Modern avatar of such ancient hobbies can be observed when you step into a house whose living room is elegantly adorned with flower vases, china plates, toy objects, photographs with frames or some unusual souvenirs from the exotic place of the world they once visited – all organized impressively in different glass cabinets or in a wall with spectacular wooden structures.

So do you have a design dilemma that needs a bit of kick-start? Here are 4 exemplary ways to organize your living room with compelling collectibles.

1. Vase magic on the living room mantel
Space is always a critical factor when it comes to decorating or renovating a house, and you need to be extra attentive and clever while dealing with allocation and installation of your favorite items in living room with limited space. The best way to transform that space into something beautiful and optimize it for enhanced lighting is to place collected period-style objects on unusual places. For instance, apart from the usual idea of glass cabinets, an alternative to managing multiple vases in a living room is to make a little room on mantelpiece for them. Apply this tip on your practical home improvement plans and you will see how gorgeous things inside your house get in the end.

2. Living room corner glass display
In a room full of good range of furniture, wall pieces and photos, you often find yourself struggling to develop more space to keep other collectibles. In such situation, having a corner glass cabinet does help you effectively utilize free corner space and showcase what you think will grab the attention of guests and friends who visit your place on and off. You can adopt the same technique when you confront challenges for decorating your dining room. China bowls, silver spoons and saucers are some of the collectibles that can better live in the space offered by glass cabinets. This way even the dingiest room receives more light than usual and becomes more attractive and comfortable.

3. Wall-mounted shelving
Whether or not you are willing to manage your artistic knickknacks and books of wisdom in the most convenient way possible, it is always advisable to place the items of decoration in the most organized fashion possible. When you have collection that is motley of many similar pieces, customized shelving can do more magic than you can expect from any other arrangement. Matching the colors of wall, a rail-like arrangement done in the same wall near the ceiling can brilliantly showcase your collectibles.

4. Free standing display cabinets
We all adore the free style in everything, right? It is something that is creative yet commonly done. The main purpose of systematically putting your beloved collectibles in glass cabinets is to share and show your personal tastes and hobbies to your friends and family. With free standing display glass cabinets, it can be as interesting as it can get. From small items, books to something as large as medium sculpture, by grouping the items of different elements together, you can create and flaunt wonderful style statement.

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