Kitchen planning and interior designing have intertwined in today’s day and age and the perfect example for that is kitchen splashbacks. The idea behind kitchen splashbacks is to protect the walls from the splashes of water while washing dishes in the basin or sink. Due to the constant water splashes, the walls behind the sink might start to degrade and start getting slippery. Hence the concept of splashbacks has been introduced so that the walls can be maintained properly in a good condition for a longer period of time.

Nowadays, splashbacks are not used only for the purpose of protecting the walls but also because they add to the interior designing of the kitchen because they are available in various designs that are stunning to look at and many at times can even be mistaken for some form of art. However, the common question that arises whenever people talk about kitchen splashbacks is that whether they should be made of glass or not. There are different opinions on this and therefore through this article the benefits of using splashbacks that are made of glass will be mentioned and it you will gain all the knowledge and information on this topic and decide better for yourselves.

The Benefits Of Using Kitchen Splashbacks That Are Made Of Glass

  • The primary job of any splashback is to protect the walls from all kinds of stains and splashes and damage. Hence, if the kitchen splashbacks made of glass are used then there will be no issues of grouting seams and gaps and it will protect the walls perfectly without getting damaged or destroyed itself. However, with tiled splashbacks the problem is that they get spoiled very easily by the spillages and splashes and they are not able to protect the walls properly.
  • When it comes to cleaning kitchen splashbacks then it can get tiresome and painful because of the grouting that occurs between the tiles and it can become very moldy or greasy or dirty. With glass such problems will not arise because of its smooth surface and because glass has the quality of being seamless. Cleaning is very easy and simple, and you do not have to think about any mold or grout stains.
  • Installing a conventional kitchen splashback that is made up of tiles is quite difficult and challenging and it also depends a lot on the size of the room. It is also a time-consuming process and a lot of effort has to be put into this job. With kitchen splashbacks made of glass it is really easy to fit and the work gets done really quickly and the finished product looks perfectly fine.

  • Although people feel that the money that goes behind getting glass kitchen splashbacks is quite a lot and will not be a very good investment. However, initially the cost might seem like a lot than the tiled ones but considering the durability and strength of the glass ones the cost will not matter much because even if you had to pay more you will be assured of the fact that you are getting good quality stuff. In case of tiled splashback there will be a constant outflow of money in terms of re-grouting your kitchen and retiling your kitchen.
  • Another reason why glass kitchen splashbacks are a great option to choose is because you can select a colour or design that will complement the look of your kitchen and enhance the overall look and also with the glass ones there are endless options to choose from whether it is the designs or cuts or colors. So this is another benefit that you can enjoy and utilize thoroughly.

Kitchen splashbacks are a necessary and an unavoidable part of the kitchen and the importance of splashbacks is immense. Hence it is important for you to go through these points and then decide whatever is best for yourself and will cater to your needs perfectly. Lastly, another point that you should also keep in mind is the purpose of kitchen splashback and that is not just protection of the walls behind the sink or basin but also to give an overall aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.