Home is built with a feeling which forms a sense of happiness. Whether you have a knack for cooking or not, your kitchen is still one of your most prized rooms, as it reflects your tastes and emits elegance when decorated properly. Having modern kitchen splashbacks acts as an enhancer of the look of your kitchen.   It holds utmost importance if your kitchen is well used.

A splashback protects your kitchen walls and cabinetry from stains and grease marks. Moreover, it also prevents any burn marks, excess heat and moisture. Irrespective of the fact that you opt for a solid glass splashback or tiled one, it is always essential that you do install one. While DIYs are fun, this is one area which needs expertise when installing the modern kitchen splashbacks as incompetence will do more damage to your kitchen than any good.

Ideas for Modern Kitchen Splashbacks:

Splashbacks are easier to maintain and clean. It has a smooth surface which repels dirt and grease making cleaning job easier. The shiny texture, especially the ones made of glass, reflects light beautifully making your kitchen brighter and more vibrant. While installing splashbacks you need to decide whether you want one that blends with the décor or stands out adding a pop to it. To make your choices easier here are a few options to consider:

Black Glass – As ideas for modern kitchen splashbacks go, black glass is a classic. For people who want a timeless look kitchen, for them, the neutral shades will play well with the pure black glass. It will also balance the light play and adds an aesthetic feel. If you want to ascent, you can safely bet on glass splashbacks. If black is too dark, you can opt for lighter colors too as the choice in this segment is endless.

Chalkboard Splashback – If you want to sprinkle a smidgen of twist, this is one way that can lead you there. Be it a grocery list, menu or even plain drawings, the chalkboard splashback stand out and makes your kitchen look homier. As far as modern kitchen splashbacks are considered, this is for the ones who dare to go beyond the conventional aesthetic look. It is also a fun place to have your kids draw rather than on the walls of the bedroom.

Geometric Tiles – Patterns and geometric tiles are a close part of modern days kitchen. They are visually impressive and help to get an elegant décor of the kitchen. You can play with colors in this design and have it in shades of pastel or warm tones with a hint of greys. This kind of modern kitchen splashbacks is perfect for the kitchen that has wooden cabinets.

Mirrored Splashback – Sometimes simple is classy. For people who have the timeless kitchen décor with a muted or neutral color scheme, the mirrored kitchen splashback adds to the muted look and keeps the flow of the theme. If you have a small kitchen, the mirrored look can create wonders as it will craft the sense of space and will create a visual impression of a spacious kitchen.

Arabesque Tiles – Believe it or not, this one ranks really high in the list of modern kitchens splashbacks. The curves impart an exotic look and feel to the kitchen. for people who are aiming for the vintage look, you can easily choose this pattern as it blends beautifully with all the vintage fixtures.

It is always better to choose the splashbacks at the end. It runs as a process. First, you should choose the kitchen benchtop and then the fixtures and cabinets. Modern kitchen splashbacks form the essence of a kitchen. These often have a limited choice if you aim to follow a theme or settle for the simple look. The splashbacks can then be installed as per your choice. You can use it to stick to the overall look or make it the standing out feature. Properly fitted splashbacks can last up to 20 years.