Hardwood flooring has been gaining a lot of attention and love from homeowners recently, and it has become quite popular today because of its appealing attributes. Hardwood floors can significantly increase the value of your house and are easy to maintain. Wooden floors can be installed by a professional or even by you, and they are friendly to people with serious allergies. Among all hardwood options, bamboo flooring is all the rage since it is durable, elegant, versatile, and sustainable, and offers great relaxation in the matters of price and economy.

Bamboo type flooring bears a lot of resemblance to hardwood flooring, and is chic, inexpensive and has exotic personality. After understand all the pros offered by bamboo flooring, anyone can fall for its inherent charm. Compared to carpet flooring that involves subtle accumulation of dust and allergens, bamboo wooden flooring can be easily swept clean. Apart from other superior benefits of bamboo, it also comes with wide variety of options that you can choose without killing your budget or lifestyle freedom.

There are so many ways bamboo flooring can be a floor of choice for those wanting to renovate their homes with eco-friendly approach. Here are 8 exhilarating ways bamboo flooring makes for an excellent choice for you:

  1. Pleasant look, style and aesthetics
    Bamboo not only possesses impressive aesthetics to meet your beauty requirements of the house, but it can be adapted to whatever decorating style you have chosen for your home. It can be made more stunning by dying it into many spectacular wood colors. Even its natural look creates amazing appeal for the entire flooring whether you keep it finished or not. So if you are looking to redecorate your property within budget, bamboo could be your first option.


  1. Unbelievable durability and stability
    Bamboo flooring is designed to retain its dimensional stability since it does not have proclivity to expand or contract unlike some other hardwood floors. This also implies that it can be a best fit for the areas where change in temperature and humidity is obvious and frequent. It can be installed over an existing subfloor. Bamboo is also durable and has almost double the life as compared to Oak flooring. This makes it a perfect choice for domestic and commercial flooring.


  1. Nature-friendly qualities
    Bamboo is naturally available wood and hence, it is eco-friendly material. Also, it is highly renewable source, and once cut, they can be regrown in as short as 3 to 5 years, which proves bamboo is a sustainable option. On the other hand, hardwood can be reaped after a long wait of 20 years interval. When bamboo is cut, its roots stay deep in the ground to grow back to a mature height. So bamboo grows really faster than any other hardwood.


  1. Easy to Maintain
    Bamboo flooring is also easy to maintain; you can sweep it clean. Run a vacuum or broom gently to eliminate smallest of dust particles. Bamboo does not have tendency to gather dirt, so you can maintain hygiene on the floor easily. You can use mop or non-wax substance to turn it spotlessly clean.


  1. Water-Resistant qualities
    An accident spill of some liquid or water can be handled by bamboo as natural material in bamboo resists water to sufficient extent. Unlike hardwood, bamboo does not let water damage happen on the floor that easily.


  1. Variety
    If you have decided to trust bamboo as your flooring companion, you are sure to be surprised by an impressive variety of styles and colors. You can have different shades of wood colors with great finishes that can decorate your house naturally.


  1. Inexpensive material
    Apart from all of its beauty, one area where Bamboo flooring comforts you is dreadful price concerns. You might think bamboo might be costly because of its incredible advantages over other hardwood floors. However, this is not true since bamboo is priced almost at the same level as most hardwood floors. As per square bamboo costs two to eight dollars, you will not need to opt for other inferior material for flooring.


  1. Ease of Refinishing
    Any material mostly depreciates over time and so does bamboo made floors. They can go a little dull, discolored, scratched over time because of its regular use. But what is relieving is that they can take refinish whenever you feel the need for it. Installing bamboo flooring itself ensures multiple layers of finishing coats of protection. So when you strip away its surface finish and further apply finishing coats, you can experienced fresh, new look.



Final words:

All of the benefits discussed above indicates how bamboo flooring can be a considerable option when renovating the house. Using naturally rich material of bamboo, you can undoubtedly transform the flooring of your house as well as of your commercial settings. This competitive hardwood offers unique benefits that other hardwoods can’t, which is why its popularity is growing in recent times. If you are still to decide what you want to do with your house flooring, think of bamboo for its beauty, style and strength.