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Shelving is key when aiming to utilize every space in your home to its best ability, yet most shelves are meant to be unobtrusive to let their contents take the focus. Every aspect of your home is an opportunity for creative and beautiful design, and even the most utilitarian of storage options deserve consideration.  Your adornments and possessions are icons of your personal story, but with a well-designed display, you can showcase the journey. Here are eight creative wall fixtures that combine function and fashion.


 1. Oli3Oli3 shelf unit Luis

Oli13 is a design brand that emphasizes simplicity. Handmade out of medium density fiberboard, the Luis Organizer exemplifies the brand’s clean-cut, minimal mindset.


 2. N=N 01N=N-01-comic-bubble-shelf

Our next offering is a nod to the notion that your home tells a story of who you are: the N=N 01 Shelves by Luca Nichetto were inspired by the shapes of speech bubbles from comic books. According to the product description, “sheets of glass with a satin-finished front and coated back give the shelves the transparency and softness of a speech bubble floating in mid-air”. The caption or content of the bubble quote is filled in with the books, pictures, and various other objects that are displayed on the ledges of the self.


 3. UP Wall ShelfUnit-Shelves-Francois-Mange

François Mangeol uses bold, aluminum panels to create the UP Wall Shelf. The angular edges and sleek, black surface provide a crisp backdrop on which to display your items. Each rung of the shelving unit is delivered flat, but can be easily assembled using creases to indicate the intended format.


Product Designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn has created an ingenious wall shelf she calls Chuck. Chuck is a shelving unit compiled of six flexible planks of wood layered one atop another with two stainless steel locking collars at either end. The wooden planks can simply be lifted to accommodate books, cds, movies, etc. As more objects are added to the shelf, Chuck’s sturdy planks expand from a linear shelf, to a smile shape, to a leaf-like form, giving even the most mundane items a distinctive display.



5. Klaffi-Hyllyklaffi-examples

Developed by Finnish designer Eeva Lithovius, the Klaffi-Hylly shelf is the quintessential space-saving storage system. A cross between a bookcase and a mounted wall shelf, Klaffi-Hylly (Clapperboard) features compactable drop-down shelves. Pivoting shelves can stay open in horizontal resting form to hold objects, or locked into the shelf’s frame when not in use.

 The Klaffi unit is 190 centimeters tall, and can be ordered in size small at 25-centimeters wide, or size large at 35-centimeters wide.


 6. CitybookCitybook-unit-shelves

Citybook and Citybook W are two modular shelving systems from designer Antonella Di Luca. A base supports the stackable magnetic cubbies, which represent a simple pentagonal house silhouette. Modules and bases can all be purchased and configured according to personal preference.


7. Geco Hub Version 22Geco-Hub-wall-shelf

 Geco Hub Version 22 is a 5×5 wall unit made up of one-inch pliable pog-type tacs. The more methodical look of the Geco is well suited for the efficient environment of an office or kitchen space, and provides both an adaptable storage solution and a visually entertaining display.


 8. QueBQueB1 FarzB

QueB is a shelving unit that consists of one steel rod and three steel cubes. FARZ is the design collective behind this invention. Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Leuven, Belgium—the same city where Stella Artois beer is brewed—the concept of the QueB is to be as flexible and versatile as possible. Under-bar attachments are fixed to the wall first, then covered by the sleek, steel, black bar. The storage cubes can be arranged on the bar at different heights and angles, which make it a functional and feasible fixture for most any room, and can be adjusted to fit any occasion.

 QueB2 FarzB


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