Windows are the major component thatprovide proper ventilationinside the building. Windows are generally placed at walls of the houses which also offer the view outside the house without opening the door. The windows are generally made of wood with some partitions. The reason for partitions is to restrict the external bodies other than wind and light to enter into the building. Double glazed windows are the modern world which is an advanced version of windows from the olden days. As said before, generally made by using wood whereas the double glazed windows are made by using glasses.

Purpose of Using Double Glazed Windows: 

As explained above the purpose of window is to provide ventilation and light into the building. The double glazed window serves the same purpose with some advanced ideas of restricting the noise and harmful radiations to enter into the house. This can be done by using the double glazed windowsas they are built by using two solid blocks of glasses and placing them parallelfor this parallel glasses some commendable amount of space will be provided. This type of window restricts the unwanted noises and sound with high frequencies to flow through it.

Types of Double Glazed Windows: 

The double glazed windows can be divided into several types based on the mechanism it works and also based on the material used to build the entire setup. If we divide the double glazed windows based in the mechanism it can be divided into following types as follows:

  • Folding
  • Awning
  • Tilt


This type of double glazed windows works based on the folding method. The glasses will be placed parallel to each other and the holding beam will be attached with them at certain gaps. The angles and frames will be a separate section which will hold the glass. While folding the angles will bend and fold inwards and outwards.


Awning is a type of which the window is placed still and cannot be altered or replaced. This type of windows can be placed over roof and near the roof.


The double glazed windows will be fixed by using the tilt mechanism. In this type of windows the frame can be tilted front wards or backwards. The holding will be placed at the center of the two sides of the frame or at the middle of the top and bottom of the frame. The holding at the top will allow the window to rotate towards all the angles.

Different Types of Materials Used to Build Double Glazed Windows:

The double glazed windows are also divided based on the materials used to build them.

If we partition them based in the materials used to masked frames, then it can be divided into three basic types as follows:

  • Metal/Steel frame
  • Wooden frame
  • PVC frame

Metal or steel frame will be made of metals. Aluminium is a major element which is used to build the frames for the windows as they are cheap and durable.

Wooden Frame:

Wood is used traditionally to make windows and their frames are used to hold the glasses. Combination of glass and wood will give a classy look for the building.

PVC frame:

PVC frame is majorly preferred as PVC frame is cheaper and it can be replaced easily if any damages that occur to the frame. If damages occur to the glass, then it cannot have repaired and the glass should be changed.