Vintage furniture is furniture that is between 30 to100 years old. Furniture older than 100 years is generally labeled as antique. And something that is done in the recent past would be nominated as a used furniture and a slightly older as retro. Mid-Century Modern style is a very common type of vintage furniture.


Technically, vintage furniture best epitomizes the predominant style of a particular period. Any furniture is not termed as vintage, just based on its age, though many people use old and vintage interchangeably.

3 Reasons for Dominance of Vintage furniture in furniture market:

1. For an exclusive and unique look of your house

Vintage furniture very elegantly decorates your room in your own exclusive style. You can choose from different varieties including the artistic and intricate carvings and wood polishes that are available in the vintage furniture styles.

2. Is Budget Friendly

Vintage furniture is less costly than new furniture, but delivers the same good quality. However, if you are buying from the curio shops or from the online furniture shops, then you must check the quality and the date of manufacturing of the vintage furniture.

3. It is Earth Friendly

It saves furniture from being dumped into the landfills. The vintage furniture has ended off-gassing and hence is a healthier option.

Shopping of Vintage furniture is fun


Many shops sell vintage furniture, and hence you have a lot to explore before you pick your favorite piece.

  • Go togarage sales and estate sales having older homes for finding some real vintage pieces.
  • Auction houses have a wide variety of vintage furniture.
  • Being in high demand, there are many stores and online shops selling vintage.
  • Can also look out for established flea markets.


Buying vintage furniture

There are many suppliers and manufacturers available, who offer you sets and styles of vintage furniture according to your precise requirements. You can contact with them regarding the customization of the furniture or else, you can also choose the vintage furniture shops and compare the features and prices before you make the final payment.

What are the factors to consider before you buy vintage furniture?


Find Good stores:

Find out some good stores, fle markets or auction stores selling vintage furniture. Pay frequent visits to such places, which will increase the chances of you finding good vintage furniture.

Gently Used:

Vintage items sold on shipment are most of the times, in a better shape, so better look out for them.

Look for sturdy furniture:

Look out for furniture in a good shape. For example, drawers should be able to slide easily and should have sturdy frames.

Don’t just look out for high brands:

Don’t restrict yourself to high brands only. Look out for other manufacturers as well because they are less expensive, but can be just as good as any high brand furniture. Only remember to look out for well-made furniture.

Quality matters:

Avoid furniture that has been made with low-grade materials and with pitiable workmanship. Even the old ages have furniture that was poorly made.

Make sure it fits the space:

Before finalizing your vintage item, make sure that the furniture can fit in the space available.

Re-purpose for Style:

Use your creativity to re-purpose the furniture pieces. For example, use a small table as a lamp holder. Let your creativity bloom and give your house a magical look.

The complete sets of vintage furniture are usually expensive. Use your artistic side to match individual pieces, which look good together. The best art is to make your living space look spacious and more aesthetic by including pieces of vintage furniture as part of your home décor.