A balustrade is a vertical support or railing on the outer side or sides of a stairway, balcony or porch that defines a boundary and prevents people from falling. Most countries make it mandatory to have a balustrade for staircases, apart from patios and balconies. In recent times, a wide range of balustrades have made their way into the market, and there is a plethora of choices for building a new home or remodelling the existing one. Choosing the right balustrade for your home may seem complicated, but in reality, it is not. Popular options such as glass, stainless steel and timber still rule, and your choice primarily depends on what you envision the result to be.

Glass Balustrades

Modern staircase office interior

While these may appear to be the flimsiest of materials, the reality is that the glass balustrades can greatly enhance your home’s value while being much tougher than they look. They are widely used for stairways, pool-sides, patios and balconies, and work beautifully for interiors or exteriors. Etched glass balustrades are gaining popularity among those who love art, while regular structural glass blends well with any type of home. If you use glass for your indoor stairway, it has the added benefit of making the room look airy and spacious, letting in the natural light. Glass balustrades can be used by themselves or with steel or timber for added support or to blend with your home’s theme. If used outdoors, they may need a bit of extra maintenance as even the smallest speck of dirt can be very visible on glass.

Steel Balustrades


If you’re on a budget but would still like to give your home a touch of elegance and sophistication, stainless steel balustrades may be ideal. They are durable and weather resistant. Stainless steel is easy on the eye and can make a huge difference even in the case of partial remodelling of your home. Installation is simple and can be done on your own if the job is minor. Pair it off with a wooden staircase or use it for your patio to create the illusion of space and openness in your living area. Maintaining your steel balustrades is simple – just wipe them with a soft sponge and mild detergent and you will have them looking as good as new, even many years down the line.

Timber Balustrades


These balustrades are perhaps most commonly known from days of past, and are perfect for more traditional stairways. In modern times, however, they are often used along with steel or glass for a more sophisticated, classy appearance. The great part about timber balustrades is that they can be stained to match your décor or your polished timber flooring, and can be carved to look more old-school to bring an aura of nostalgia into your home. Maintenance is relatively simple and doesn’t require too much effort as timber works best indoors and does not collect much dust.

In concise, despite the wide range of types of balustrades to choose from, making your choice is simple if you have a good design in mind. Decide how you’d like your finished stairway or balcony to look, take your existing décor into consideration, and you will find it much easier to make a choice. If you’re still unsure of the type of balustrade to invest in for your home, get the assistance of a professional designer who will help you to choose the right one to bring out the best in your home and increase its value.