Covering a window is very important as it provides privacy and also enhances the look of your home. Window blinds are mostly used to cover the window in a perfect manner. Dual roller blinds can also be called as double roller blinds. In short, two blinds in one, which means that it is a combination of two fabrics for single window. The dual roller blinds provide a double bracket system. The two fabrics that are used in dual roller blinds are block out fabric and sunscreen fabric. These fabrics are mounted on double bracket system. The block out fabric is used to keep the light out and sunscreen fabric is used to see outside.

The double roller blinds are also called as day/night blinds. The blind is controlled separately so during the day one can have the window view and soft light whereas during the night complete darkness as well as privacy is assured.

The manufacturing unit of dual roller blinds is in world. The dual roller blinds can be manufactured in fabrics of our choice and it provides a very good finish. The fabrics are designed in such a way to suit different climatic conditions, flammable material, fade resistant, and bacteria and mold resistant.

Dual Roller Blinds


Compared To The Common Blinds Dual Roller Blinds Have Many Advantages:

  • Style: In the modern era the dual roller blinds provide a contemporary style and great ambience in the rooms.


  • Chain Operation: The chains provide a very easy and smooth operation.


  • Used for Day and Night: During the day it offers privacy and allows a considerable amount of light to pass through whereas in the night it provides complete privacy by darkening the room.


  • Easy Operation: The dual roller blinds can be operated very easily. It is very easy to lower down and lift the blinds. In order to avoid large gaps in the window multi links are provided on large windows.


  • Ultra Sonic Sealing and Cutting of Edges: The edges and joints won’t have any wear and tear and the finishing will be quite satisfactory as it is highly durable.


  • Fabric choice: The fabrics used in dual roller blinds are of higher quality. The fabric provides protection from UV rays and acts as an insulator. It is available in different fabrics which includes sunscreen, lockout and translucent fabrics.


  • Variety of styles: Stylish fabrics are available and one can customize the blinds according to your personal choice. The fabric is also available in a wide range of colors, different materials and patterns. The blind will change the whole appearance of home by giving it an elegant look.


  • Motorization: The operation of blind lifting and lowering down can be completely motorized which makes it very easy to handle. It can be either with the help of a wireless remote or wall mounted switch.


  • Flexible: The dual roller blinds are flexible and can be used anywhere. The main reason is that there are lots of choices in the selection of roller window blinds. There are blinds which block the sun rays completely creating total darkness; some blinds provide outside view where as it does not allow UV rays to pass through. There are fabrics which are an intermediate between both.


  • Cheap: The dual roller blinds are very economical because two different blinds are obtained in a single one. If a person gets bored with the color of the fabric they can change it very easily which will give a new look to the rooms with minimum cost.


The dual roller blinds last for long depending on the sturdy steel tubes, fabrics, and frameworks. If the fabric is directly exposed to sun it may result in fading of the fabric.