Adding Warmth to Oversized Rooms Easily and SuccessfullyDoes your home have one or more overly large living spaces that just don’t seem to be as inviting and cozy as other rooms within your home? Even if you enjoy having such an expansive area, you might still be wondering if your interior designer can assist you in adding the warmth that this space currently lacks. Fortunately, it is quite simple to do so, particularly if your designer is experienced in designing large rooms.

Choosing Rich, Dark Colors to Create Warmth | Darker colors are known for their ability to infuse an inviting sense of cordiality to any living space, particularly if they are chosen for walls and ceilings. Choosing solid coloring rather than tiny prints or patterns typically works better to minimize a space. Offset the dark tones with lighter hues for crown molding and trim. Furnishings (furniture and carpeting) should also make use of rich, deep tones with large prints that optimize the coziness of the room.

Using Furniture Arrangements to Fill the Space | Choose oversized pieces of furniture to create the illusion that the space is sized normally, enhancing the sense of warmth that you’ve created with your coloring selections. Use tall pieces for rooms with high ceilings and wide pieces for rooms featuring expansive borders. Clustering your furniture to create individualized areas within the room also assists in generating a space that is welcoming in appearance.
Framing an Open Area | If you are trying to add warmth to an open area of the home that serves as the landing zone for a living and dining area or some other combination, speak with your designer about the possibility of framing the dividing line between the two. Adding framework at the ceiling in the form of an arch that separates the two spaces instills the area with a clear sense of demarcation that enhances the existing warmth and coziness that you’ve created.

Rely on Your Instincts as Well as Those of Your Interior Designer | If the room feels cozy to you, then it probably is. Choose accessories that accentuate the primary colors in your design scheme. The key is to include items that invite the eyes to look and the heart to feel.