Two of the most popular cities in the United States are New York, New York and Austin, Texas. Both have loads of culture, delicious food, plenty of fun activities to enjoy with friends and family, beautiful real estate, and a multitude of job opportunities. But which is really the better choice? It turns out that Austin is actually the new New York. Keep reading to learn why.


Better Real Estate Options

Real estate in Texas is much more affordable than real estate in New York, whether you are planning on buying or renting your next abode. But even beyond costs, Austin also provides a more diverse range of choices when it comes to housing. For example, you can search for beautiful homes for sale on Lake Austin that are going to take your breath away and provide you with gorgeous scenery throughout the year. If you want to get away from the crowded and super busy, as well as dirty, streets of New York, Austin is a great choice.

A Lower Cost of Living in Austin

In Austin, you can enjoy just about all of the same amenities that you can enjoy in New York, but at a much lower price. If you are hoping to move to a place that has a lower cost of living, Austin is definitely the better of your two options. From restaurants and groceries, to transportation, clothing, rent and housing costs, and much more, Austin comes out on top as being the more affordable modern city.

Austin Is Better for Those Without a Car

Even though most people think that it’s New York City that comes out on top as a city that is friendly to those who do not drive or own a car of their own, Austin is actually better. Experts analyzed several transportation technologies designed to make it simpler for individuals to live in cities without a car. These technologies include bus schedules that are easy to access online, apps that make it quick and easy to hail a cab, and bike-sharing. When experts ranked various cities by how much of these technologies are available, Austin was ranked number one. So, if you want to do something great for the environment and your wallet by going car-free, Austin is the best choice in the nation.

Other Reasons More People Are Moving to Austin

Many people are actually leaving New York City to move to Austin, Texas. Some of the main reasons why these people are making this move include the area’s thriving job market, diversity, entertainment and music scene, restaurants and bars, and locals who are friendly and who are interested in leading healthy lifestyles that are better for the planet and for themselves.

Once you start to look at everything that Austin has to offer and you compare it to what New York City has to offer, you will quickly realize that these two cities aren’t all that different after all. But Austin still comes out on top as the better choice for most people, thanks to the reasons above.