How much do you actually know about tile?  If you’re thinking about a bathroom redo, let the experts guide you.  The right tile is vital, it anchors the entire space in the bathroom, and sets the tone.

The bathroom is a high-value area of your home, which means you will get back the money in your bathroom if you put in good quality materials.  A good and efficient design is also very important.

When you renovate there are usually a few challenges along the way.  I like to start with a design that works well with my client’s needs, then discuss the tile choices best suited for that design.  There are natural stone tiles like Travertine, Marble, Limestone, and Slate.  These luxurious tiles need to be sealed every one or two years.  Ceramic tiles are also a wonderful choice and don’t require sealing every few years.

Sometimes I have to help the owners compromise with each other to help accommodate both their needs in the bathroom.

Of course, tile isn’t the only issue in a bathroom. It’s a small space, but an important one, with lots of details.  With an interior decorator you can see how your bathroom layout will work before construction begins and avoid some costly mistakes.