Alexis Audette, vice president and creative director at Beacon Hill fabrics

Alexis Audette, Vice President and Creative Director at Beacon Hill fabrics

On November 14th, Alexis Audette, the Vice President and Creative Director for Beacon Hill, came to Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors in New Providence, NJ, and presented the new fabric collection Ankasa: Legacy to an enthusiastic group of Interior Designers and clients.

Beacon Hill has partnered with Ankasa, to create the exciting, textured line inspired by the Indian marketplace. With a focus on the finest embroidery and embellishment techniques, Ankasa: Legacy delights with vibrant colors and lush constructions.

Ankasa: Legacy reveals elements of the Ankasa founders, Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia’s fashion sensibility and cultural heritage, and expands upon the original Ankasa line, Iconic, with bold colors and exquisite constructions they are known for.” says Alexis.

The collection is inspired by traditional embroidery techniques from India, completely updated with a modern color palette and contemporary style. The natural dye indigo, vermillion, marigold and persimmon are prevalent hues in the collection.

Ankasa Legacy indigo colorways

Ankasa Legacy vermillion colorways

Ankasa Legacy marigold/persimmon colorway

Beacon Hill brings exclusive, finely crafted fabrics, trim and home furnishings to the interior design trade. Inspired internationally and designed for luxury, the offerings are truly one-of-a-kind. Beacon Hill has a tradition of using refined materials, an opulent color palette and sophisticated construction to provide understated elegance for those seeking a gracious style of living. As an extension of its superb fabric collections, Beacon Hill provides distinctive furnishings and exquisite trim.

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