A customized walk in wardrobe indeed has the potential to be the best personal space in your dream home. For several households, this is the favorite place where you can comfortably dress up and down and enjoy your personal space fully. Now the question pops up which the best and perfect walk in wardrobe design is that would be apt for your lifestyle and also your bedroom. In case you prefer simplicity, then a functional and neat design would be the best choice for storing your apparels, belongings and jewelry. In case, you need something more spectacular, you can choose a trendier and costlier wardrobe design that suits your preference perfectly.

What are the considerations to make when you choose your wardrobe?

  1. Choosing the perfect color for your walk in wardrobe – The color of the walk in wardrobe is one of the prime factors of consideration. There are practically end number of options available, the basic colors usually are the most preferred choices when it comes to the walk in wardrobes. White is undoubtedly the brightest color choice as it is the most reflective color. Thus, choosing white color for your walk in wardrobe would also help you in turning your darkroom to be a more vibrant space. White is also a preferable backdrop color for highlighting your clothes and makes them the focus in your room. You can choose vibrant coffee colors and dark brown colors to add to the glory of the pastel shades of the room.The dark-green, wood brown, burgundy or black are some of the darker shades which you can choose for your wardrobe.
  2. Choice of perfect lighting and right mirrors – Any walk in wardrobe should necessarily have mirrors which can be used very well for makeup and fitting. Installation of the mirrored back on the open shelves of the wardrobe considerably helps in the display of the light. Also, a mirror placed in a free-standing position can prove to be very stylish as well as functional.With the placement of the mirrors, it is also important to adopt the perfect lighting. The traditional ceiling lights do not go well with the walk in wardrobes. You can choose from rectangular or oval-shaped mirrors to get an idea about how to reflect the light or how to enhance the quality of the overall home décor.  The track lighting very magnificently helps in highlighting the shelves and the dimmers are being very well used for the small corners and to contrast the spaces.
  3. Selection of the accessory displays – In case you have a great collection of watches, fashion jewelry, ties and shoes, you can display them well in your walk in wardrobe instead of keeping them hidden in the drawers. You can very well install certain custom displays which would help you in perfectly displaying all your great collection of accessories.
  4. A Boutique seating arrangement and dressing table – You can think of installing a proper built-in dressing table which can help to convert the wardrobe into a proper dressing space. The gorgeous dressing table would also require a stylish countertop, a great quality mirror and certainly a powerful and dedicated lighting. There should be a proper storage space for the makeup kits and cosmetics. Also, there should be a unique and comfortable chair or stool matching the wardrobe.

The walk in wardrobes can be of various sizes and designs. You should ideally look for the customization that suits your storage requirement and preference perfectly. You can now choose online templates for making customized walk in wardrobes for storing major of your belongings. While steel and aluminum are the smarter choices, you can also choose from high quality Mahogany or Rosewood to get an idea about how to keep a sturdy wardrobe for your feasibility.