One of the easiest and sensible ways to get snug during winters would be switching on the heater. It warms up the place immediately and you hardly need to make an effort. But that’s only till you get your utility bills and are shocked at the whopping amount here. So what can you do to reduce these bills? How about investing in some sensible blinds for your home? These are known to keep your home warmer in the winter months and cooler during the summer months. They are affordable and add to the aesthetic value of your home too. In addition to this,  you don’t have to worry about higher bills. These blinds are known to reduce your energy consumption by 10-20%.

Few types of blinds that can be used as per your preference and style are:


Insulted blinds
The most common kind of blinds that are used for keeping the cold out and retaining the warmth inside would be these insulated blinds. They are based on special materials that focus on thermal insulation. In layman terms it implies that help in maximizing or preventing the heat outflow from your home.

Roman blinds
These blinds are decorative, trendy and functional too. You can choose from a range of classic Roman blinds that provide your home with a gorgeous decorative touch. These are available in different materials too, such as thinner ones for summers and thicker ones for winters, etc. To make your house more comfortable you can opt for thicker materials during the colder months and switch during the summers. This way you get the best of both seasons with Roman blinds.


Shutter style blinds
Wooden shutter blinds are another cost-effective and natural method to reduce your energy bills. Basically wood is a natural insulator and is used in hilly and cold areas to keep the warmth inside. Popularly, the slated wooden blinds are highly recommended for your home because during the day you can open them or pull them up to allow natural sunlight to fill the house with warmth. In the evening, you can draw these blinds to retain maximum warmth. Blinds like these ensure that the cold or heat doesn’t disturb your comfort inside the house.

Screen blinds
Along with the above, another popular option would be the screen blinds. These too are made of wood, bamboo or even thick cloth materials that provide natural insulation. Basically they prevent the cold air from entering your home, especially exposed areas like the windows and they are affordable as well as sustainable.

Blackout shades / blinds
Another effective solution that is largely used in very cold regions is blackout blinds. These offer insulation as per your needs. For example, in the summer months they keep the heat out while in the winter months, they absorb the cold and keep your home warm.

Beside the above, there are some other tips to keep in mind that will help your blinds to optimize performance and ensure that you stay snug during the colder months-

  • It is recommended that one keeps the blinds drawn at night and pull them only when the sun is high. This way the heat is retained for longer periods.
  • You can consider getting an additional secondary glazing for your windows, which is known to help in the process of insulation. Apart from this, keeping furniture closer to the blinds helps in preventing gaps that in turn helps to optimize the heat quotient and keeps your home warm and cozy. So go ahead and get these functional blinds for your home today.