Kitchen is the heart of any home is where a considerable amount of the day spent. Hence it needs to be well taken care of for décor purposes. Instead of spending exorbitantly to hire an interior designer to renovate or design your small kitchen, you can also rely your creative skills to build your dream kitchen. Who would know the practicalities youface, while working in your kitchen, better than you.

Moreover, you will have a hard time explaining the minute details to your interior designer for incorporating all of your feature requirements. Keeping in mind the space constraint of a small kitchen, the following ideas will help you choose the best small kitchen designs.

These Simple DIY Tips and Ideas Would Come Handy to You Once You Decide to Design Your Own Small Kitchen:

  1. First step is to identify the shape of your kitchen whether it is L shaped or U shaped. Accordingly, the work triangle will be decided. A work triangle is the working area between your refrigerator, sink and the cooking range. It is to be optimized because while cooking you have to shuttle between preparing meals on the cook top, storing and retrieving things from the refrigerator.
  2. Second step is to divide the space into functional areas. Try to decide and balance out the area that you would you require for the shelf, how much area you can devote for the washing sink, the area you need it install your cooking range.
  3. Identify which gadgets you wish to keep in the kitchen or the daily use appliances which your small kitchen can accommodate for e.g. refrigerator, microwave, mixer grinder, blender, dishwasher etc. try to buy space saving, energy efficient appliances if you are yet to purchase new ones. Try for the models which are available in wall mounted options rather than crowding your counter top.
  4. Design corner cabinets in such a way the even the last inch corner space may be utilized. It provides for good storage space for things you do not use very often.
  5. Try to have cabinets with depth so that they can hold a variety of utensils of various sizes and shapes.
  6. Windows which allow the natural light coming in should be optimally designed. The natural bright sunshine creates illusion of space and reduces electricity bills also. In case there is no source of natural light in your kitchen tries to install proper lighting. A well-lit kitchen gives you the feel of a bigger space than actually is.
  7. Keep in mind to go in for lighter shade for walls and ceiling to give it a refreshing feel. Opt for tile designs with lighter shades of white, cream or beige. Light colors are good reflectors of light and hence give a feeling of a larger space.
  8. Ensure proper ventilation of your kitchen by installing exhaust fan or wall mounted chimneys. This would better air circulation and avoid suffocation while cooking.
  9. You can install small green potted plants in your kitchen. These are low maintenance plants which can flourish in less sunshine. They will give you a feel of being close to the nature.
  10. Small decorations made out of things available in the kitchen for e.g. spices can help you save a lot of cost and are innovative too.
  11. And last but not the least try to maintain cleanliness at all time. A small but neat and tidy place is pleasure for eyes as compared to big and cluttered one.

A well designed and well-maintained small kitchen can prove to be more functional than the highly designed cluttered kitchen! You are recommended to hire a best and affordable kitchen designer so that he can transform your boring kitchen into a welcoming place. You should do some research before hiring a kitchen designer because you would not like to waste your money on some boring ideas.