Blending a Living and Dining Space EffortlesslyWhile open floor plans deliver a sweeping and airy ambiance that creates a sense of spaciousness, they can present challenges in furnishing schemes. Professionals with interior-design backgrounds have the experience needed to assess a space in order to optimize its presentation and attractiveness in styling. Here are a few ideas for you to consider before consulting your design professional.

Selection of Furniture Styles | Ideally, the furniture selected for both areas (living and dining) of the space should be complementary in styling. If the space is small, choosing pieces with reflective surfaces such as chrome and glass can enhance the potential for keeping the room bright and airy. While making choices, consider the wall and flooring colors and materials. For oversized spaces that require toning down, darker pieces do nicely to add a sense of rich warmth to the area.
You should also consider the height and width of the furniture that you select carefully since these elements break up the openness of the room. For example, you can opt for a loveseat and armchair rather than a long sofa. Not only do you diversify opportunities for placement but the narrower widths help to maintain a sense of capaciousness.

Optimizing Lighting Choices | Your selection of lighting fixtures presents the opportunity to define a space without creating physical borders. For example, an attractive chandelier set above the dining table clearly creates a visual hint that this area of the room has a unique purpose set apart from the other half of the room, which might be interspersed with wall sconces or table lamps. Be sure to discuss task and accent lighting options with your designer to enhance the attractiveness of the layout.

Accessorizing for Maximum Effect | Each decorative accent that is added to an open space can be utilized to enhance whatever element you are trying to create, including a sense of privacy or separation. Selecting different colors in your décor theme and wall coverings provides a distinctive appearance that provides an unmistakable sense of separation. Simply be sure to select colors that deliver a sense of balance between the two living spaces despite the obvious need to delineate a split in purpose.