Some of the most romantic memories are made on luxurious vacations, at the spa and at all-inclusive retreats. Why not enjoy the pampering and luxury of these places at home? Here are five sophisticated decor additions that will bring out the romantic side of your home.

Dim the Lights

Don’t you wish you could dim the lights with the touch of a button when you and your sweetie are having a moment? Not only do dimmed lights save energy, light control systems also create a romantic ambiance within your home.

Additionally, more sophisticated light control systems like Lutron’s RadioRA 2 allow users to save their lighting preferences for any room in the house, tailoring the lighting scheme to your very own preference. The advanced system can also be tailored to automatically transition between settings at different times of the day, so you can create that mood lighting any time, on demand.

Soak in Your Spa

Transform your home’s ordinary bathroom into an elegant spa experience. Master bathrooms are often the largest bathroom in the house, which means a lot of space for customizing. From separate showers and soaking tubs to a steam room or walk-in closet, a wide range of potential is hiding in your master bath.

Splurge on the master bathroom with fancy materials and finishes, as the entire family will not be using the space. The Bravo Freestanding Bath by Kohler is both modern and elegant. The simple, clean-line design of the tub can complement almost any interior.

Cuddle on Lush Furniture

A home with lush furnishings, soft blankets and comfy pillows is sure to inspire a feeling of relaxation and love. Kick your feet up and cozy up to your hubby on a plush couch. The Marble Hodan Sofa and Chaise offers a modern look with the traditional comforts of a cozy couch. It comes with two accent pillows, but feel free to add more for the ultimate in comfort.

Be Soothed by a Pool Fountain

Spending an evening outdoors under the stars and romantic string lighting twinkling from tree to tree can set the tone for a night of romance. Enjoying a home-cooked meal poolside and sharing sips of wine with one another certainly helps, too. Up the romance factor with a few new additions to your pool.

Accessories like pool fountains add a decorative touch to your pool in addition to the soothing and romantic sounds of falling water. From a large Grecian-style fountain to a smaller, color-enhanced type, Pool Center offers a wide range of pool fountain styles to fit any budget or decor.

Curl up by the Fireplace

There’s nothing more romantic than cozying up with a blanket, a glass of wine and your loved one next to the fireplace on a chilly night. You’ll be thankful that you added this romantic touch when winter comes along. Whether you add a fireplace to your living space indoors or outside on your patio, it’s sure to warm up both you and your partner. Reading a book, playing a game or simply unwinding by the fire after a long day will ignite that special spark. For a look at some contemporary fireplace designs, visit