Patio is an outdoor space upgrading generally meant for seating and dining. Installing of patios was formerly meant for restaurants but it’s a modern-day demand of the house. The finest style to utilize your backyard or outer space is setting of a scenic patio that can seek the attention of the people. It increases the square footage of the house thus boosting its value.

Outdoor Patios


Any outdoor living space will remain incomplete without patios. This is because they tend to uplift its beauty in not just one but many ways. Some of these are:

  • Stylish accessories– To intensify the outer space ornamentation affix a sofa or a chair and table according to the design of the patio. Flower pots, show plants and vases will also add to its beauty. Modern day patios are well-furnished and alluring so proper maintenance is must.
  • Lush full aura– Greenery directly connects to the soul of the person therefore a patio decor intended towards plant tops the wish list. Area of the patio should depend on the proportion of the garden area.
  • Fabrics– Hanging the curtains in your patios will impart you a private space. Use colorful concretes and stone for the walkways. Amplify the coolness factor to retain the aura as calm as it can be.
  • Lights-Dazzling lights, hanging lanterns and rope lights are admired by all. A sober embellishment with these lights will be an attention-grabbing scene.



Design and layout of a patio, ranges from simple paved pathway to highly furnished outdoor living spaces. Not all patios adjoining the home are expensive. The cost of a patio depends on the owner and his requisites. The median cost price for its installation ranges from $184 to $380. Adding a proper deck is pricey but high return is assured.

These expenses are only indicative and the value is based on the quality, type and accessories that you incorporate into the project. Therefore, when you are dealing with the price and want to prepare your budget accordingly, then consult with a reliable professional or company and ask for free quotes. While requesting for quotes make sure that you mention your requirements in detail as this will help in having a precise estimate.

Later, you can use the same for preparing a budget and then choose the one that offers incredible services at value for money rates.


The alluring patios are not just outdoor investments made by the homeowners but delivers much more-

  1. These are deemed as permanent improvements.
  2. Patios incorporated with shades can be best utilized as a living space too.
  3. The versatility of a home is augmented.
  4. An outer shelter is a perfect place to enjoy all seasons whether it’s soft sunny touch in winters or feeling the rain drops.


Patios are among top 10 features that buyers seek in the house. It imparts a worthy return on investment. Approximately more than half of the surveyed buyers are ready to pay premium prices for the house with a patio. Demand of a patio is on peak by the homeowners and buyers, a whopping 98 percent of people want them.  A landscaped patio raises the value of a home by 12.4 percent. Henceforth, move ahead for setting a patio in your home.