thumbHave pets, family, overnight guests, and life in general brought some severe wear and tear to your furniture? The solution doesn’t always have to be to pour thousands of dollars into redecorating a room. Consider reupholstering your furniture.

Reupholstering furniture can be the perfect way to liven up and change a room you’ve grown tired of, all while keeping the shape and lines of the furniture you had originally fallen in love with upon purchasing.

Most companies, such as Dr. Sofa, offer free online estimates to what your costs will look like depending on the piece of furniture. You are also free to look at their online selection of hundreds of fabrics, or look into fabrics that you have taken interest in from other sources, and purchase enough to cover the pieces of furniture you have selected.

Remember, not all furniture has to be the same pattern. Matching in color schemes or choosing complimentary colors is sure to give you a vibrant and chic look, like you had an interior designer come in and design your home. That old furniture will look brand new with new stuffing and new life added to it.

With any extra fabric, you can make accessory throw pillows to go around the room to further make the fabric and pattern of the furniture pop.

It is the perfect solution for any antiques purchased, any hand-me-downs through the family, or any hand-offs to college students or kids setting out for their first time.

Reupholstering furniture may be your first step in revamping your home, and in saving money.


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