C A S T – I R O N   C O M E  B A C K
Time-honored fixture material gets modern design treatments
A skillet hidden away in a cabinet, or some other small piece of cookware – that’s about all the cast iron you’ll find in most modern homes. In the early 1900s, iron was a material of choice not just for cookware, but for many other essential items throughout the house: A skillet on the stovetop, sinks and bathtubs, and fences that decorated and defined the front yard. Even some buildings were made of iron. But as lighter, rust-resistant materials became available, iron fell by the wayside as a material in homes.Fast forward to today, and a new generation of design-savvy homeowners is rediscovering the beauty, durability and usefulness of cast iron in kitchens and bathrooms. A handful of enterprising manufacturers are reinventing the look, design and appeal of cast iron.
Kitchen_Castiron 2
Cast iron cookware isn’t the only use for cast iron in the kitchen. Cast iron sinks marry beauty, durability and usefulness in kitchen settings.BAthroom_Castiron 3
 A whole new generation of homeowners is discovering the beauty and durability of cast iron in the bathroom.
If the concept of cast iron in kitchen and bath fixtures is new to you, consider the material’s advantages:* Durable. Enameled cast iron is especially durable, combining the longevity and dent-resistance of cast iron with the rust-proof beauty of enamel.* Customizable. Cast-iron sinks and bathtubs add instant elegance to a space. And with more than 20 colors to choose from, it’s easy to create a customized look to reflect personal style.* Eco-friendly. Some cast-iron products, like those made by bath design pioneer Kohler, have a “green” side. Kohler manufactures its cast iron from 83 percent recycled materials.These three cast-iron fixtures have regained popularity – and reclaimed cast iron’s reputation as a material of choice – in American homes:
1. Kitchen sinks
The kitchen sink plays host to a handful of hardworking activities in the heart of the home – whether it’s cleaning up from holiday feasts or serving as a baby bathing spot.Today’s Kohler’s Lawnfield  and Wheatland cast iron kitchen sinks emphasize design with an ideal balance between form and function at an attractive price. Single-basin sinks reflect historical design, and double basin cast iron sinks offer a modern convenience. You’ll find a variety of color choices, as well as under-counter and self-rimming options.
2. Bathroom sinks
Whether it’s the focal point in a petite powder room or coupled in a master suite’s double vanity, bathroom sinks have a tall bill to fill – homeowners require good looks and durability, which today’s enameled cast-iron bathroom sinks can provide.
Enameling technology makes it possible to have a cast-iron sink in an array of vibrant new colors beyond your grandparents’ classic white claw-foot tub. Kohler’s Tides bathroom sink comes in over 20 colors, and its self-rimming design makes it easy to install. With a cost well below $200, it’s price-competitive with sinks constructed from acrylic or fiberglass.
3. Bathtubs
The first cast-iron baths were free-standing models – a design so ubiquitous that many Americans still associate it with cast iron. When Kohler introduced the built-in bathtub in the early 1900s, the style quickly became the design of choice for American homeowners and remains the most popular style today.Now, you can find cast iron bathtubs  that offer the convenience and functionality of the built-in style, along with the elegance and durability of enameled cast iron. For those who crave design variety, drop in/undermount and freestanding styles are also available in cast iron. You can even find styles that offer massaging water jets and bubbles.You may fondly recall your grandparents’ cast iron, but modern design and a vibrant array of colors have today’s homeowners falling in love with cast iron’s durability and convenience all over again and enjoying it for years to come – just as other homeowners have before them.
For help or inspiration in designing with cast iron the design team at CWI is here to help.SOURCE: ARA