When most people think of interior design they may think of pretty colors and fabrics.  What most people don’t realize is how the design of your environment affects you physically and emotionally.

A great majority of our lives are spent in our homes, so why not love where you live?  There is an enormously positive impact on your well-being when you feel great in the rooms that you live in. 

For example, a well designed kitchen can create more productivity and make tasks such as cooking easier.  A designer takes many factors into consideration such as task lighting, furniture, fixture placement, and materials used.  Amenities such as granite versus laminate are all important factors that designers will consider.  But most importantly, a beautiful and efficient kitchen makes day-to-day tasks a more pleasant experience.

Interior designers consider not only our five senses but also our emotions.  You can choose certain lighting, colors, patterns and textures not only to awake the senses but also to soothe and comfort after a long day of working and caring for a family.  It is well documented that colors can influence your emotions as well.  A soft sage green can calm and subdue while it’s been said that certain hues of blue can promote concentration and productivity.  A fabric’s color, pattern and texture can be practical and comfortable on a favorite reading chair or sofa while a fun or vibrant pattern can be chosen on an ottoman or pillow to add visual spice. 

Another important example of interior design is space planning which will positively affect the flow of the household.  The stove’s placement in relation to the refrigerator or the placement of seating in your family room may not seem that important at first glance.  However, when space planning is executed properly, it will not only look better but will be more efficient and time-saving.  Time is something we all need more of these days, so it is not frivolous to hire someone to plan your space, it is smart.

A well designed window treatment can control the amount of natural light in a space as well as add a beautiful design element to the room.  A designer has a wealth of knowledge in different types of window treatments such as cellular shades, café shutters, panels and even highly decorative balloon shades or valances.  Again, the beauty here is not only form but also function.  Allowing light into a room to physically warm a space or to limit the sunlight to keep a room cooler in the warmer months adds to the homeowner’s well-being.

The world can be hectic and stressful at times.  A well designed room can create a calm and relaxed physiological state. Everyone deserves to go home and feel a sense of peace and happiness in their personal space.  Interior design is meant to be an expression of who you are.  Choose what you love and your home will feel like a retreat. 

Article written by:  Kristin Badolato, Interior Designer for CW&I

Photo Credit:  Candice Olson