Weatherboard or brick which one is best for you? Selecting the best cladding for your new house requires more than choosing what looks best! In this piece of content, we shall help you in this regard! Before you select between brick and timber, there are some important points you have to remember!

  • Your home location
  • Design of your home
  • Environmental impact
  • Advantages of brick cladding
  • Advantages of timber cladding

Now, here, we will analyze all the factors that can help you to make the proper decision.

1. Your home location

New Weatherboard Homes

The location of your home plays an important role in this matter. What kinds of elements your home is facing? Does it experience a lot of rain, or snow or sun rays? In this situation, you always have to remember that if you choose timber in this situation, constant maintenance such as staining, or painting is required. If you choose brick in this situation, it offers a higher level of insulation, and it does not need maintenance. The new weatherboard homes offer different types of advantages.

2. Design of your home

First, you need to make a proper plan of what kind of design you need for your home. Brick has more weight than timber. On the other hand, brick also has natural variations which offer a unique look at your house. If you want to build a multistoried building with bricks, it needs supportive framing more than timber. If you will use timber for your multi-storied building, it offers universal look! You can use timber in different ways, and it also offers a superior look for your houses.

3. Environmental impact

New Weatherboard Homes.

4. Advantages of brick cladding

By choosing the new weatherboard homes you may experience several advantages. If you use bricks, you can get several benefits too. There are several shapes, sizes, and colors available in the market. Talking about weatherboard, it does not absorb water immediately, and it also offers complete fire protection. And it requires less maintenance and high level of insulation. On the other hand, if you use a brick, it also lasts for a long time! If you need a strong house, then it is recommended using brick for your home!