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How our homes appear, down to the finest minutia, affects everything from our moods to our ability to sleep. According to a recent study by Travelodge, for example, people who sleep in rooms with blue walls get more sleep than those with walls of any other color.

Many of the benefits of interior design aren’t quite so scientific. As home interior designers, we have developed the skills and ability to fit our clients’ homes with furniture and other pieces that suit their lifestyles perfectly. If you’re a fan of the rugged look of a classic Adirondack cabin, for instance, an interior home designer will tend use a lot of wood in their design, giving you that warm, natural appearance you crave in your modern wallcoverings. We can even provide you with custom-made furniture, produced from durable, premium hardwoods.

Beyond these aesthetic benefits, modern interior designers can make your home look more attractive to the outside world, increasing the value of your home should you ever decide to sell. Taken together, enlisting the assistance of an interior home designer offers a number of significant benefits to any client, assuming you know how to choose the very best for your home.

How to Narrow Down Your Options:

Know Yourself Before Picking up the Phone

Before you choose an interior designer, you need to know exactly what it is you’re going to want out of the process, and what type of person you are.

You’re going to be working long hours with whomever you hire, so finding someone whose personality meshes with your own is crucial. It’s also important for you to come to terms with how much work you want to do for yourself. Not every designer wants a homeowner to be intimately involved with the process. The best relationship will be built on open communication, collaboration, and trust in the skills of your designer to deliver your dream home. Consider these things carefully before you pick up the phone.

Check Their Credentials
Interior designers may have backgrounds in fashion, fine arts, furniture making, textiles, design- any field that blends creativity with an eye for style. Don’t think that this might be a drawback, though, as a designer with an unconventional background may be able to see your space in different ways to bring fresh, exciting ideas to the table. Still, ask to see designers’ qualifications before beginning your project to protect yourself and better ensure great results. The best interior designers will gladly share their information.

Ask to See a Portfolio
Whether you’re working with a photographer, a landscaper, or any other type of visual artist, common sense dictates that you first take a look at their past projects to get proof of ability before starting any project. Many home interior designers now keep digital portfolios, allowing any potential clients to see their artwork online. Viewing portfolios is the best way to find a designer offering an aesthetic you’ll love waking up to each day.

Have you transformed your home with the help of home interior designers? Share your experience in the comments below. Are you looking to embark upon a design project? Contact our amazing CW&I team of designers!