I have some clients who have chosen to stay in the home they love, and in the neighborhood they love.  They are relooking at their homes, instead of buying a new home.  They do, however, have a simple need for a change.

Changing your home may be reflective of entering a different stage of your life, from a married couple to a family, or a family to empty-nesters.  Whatever the case may be, a little change throughout your home can add lots of comfort and to fit into your new lifestyle.  Maybe you want a little more sophisticated style for the empty-nesters, or maybe a new child-tested remodel for your new emerging family.

I have clients that have gotten rid of all the wear and tear furniture, and replaced it with sleek sophisticated pieces when their last child moved into his own
apartment.    A designer makes that transition easy, with the right furniture and accessories.

Whether you want to renovate or redecorate, a designer can assist you.  I have come up with a plan for one of my clients, and we only do one room at a time.
This way my client is updating their home slowly, but with a cohesive plan that I set up.

Even if you are doing a complete renovation, a clear decorating plan is essential right from the start.  Designers ensure that the client’s needs are realized in the renovation, as well as, the scale, rhythm and balance in your home.