Choosing Your Flooring When the Dining Room Connects to the Living RoomAlthough people often have varying viewpoints when it comes to choosing the type of flooring for each of two rooms that are connected, most of these individuals agree that the task can be a daunting one. Fortunately, the training received by interior designers provides a firm basis from which to build upon when choosing flooring for a dining room that connects to a living room. Naturally, the goal is to create a seamless transition despite the fact that you are working with two separate areas of the house.

Identify a Common Aspect | In order to come up with a unified appearance that is so natural you are barely aware of it, you should create at least one aspect that is found in each room. It might be a color, type of wood, crown molding, or some other detail that you can reflect in your flooring choice.

Select Identical Flooring for Both Rooms | One of the most effective ways of creating a seamless transition between two connected rooms is to choose the same type of flooring for both. Doing so avoids the visual interruption created by using two different materials. One of the added benefits of using identical flooring in two connected spaces is that it provides the illusion of making the area appear larger.

Opt for Similar Coloring Rather Than Materials | If you prefer to have soft carpeting in one room and natural wood in the other, you can still maintain a sense of uniformity by choosing similar colors. The darker the colors are that you choose, the greater the sense of warmth that you create will be. Choosing lighter colors adds brightness to smaller spaces or areas that receive little to no sunshine.

Creating a sense of distinction from one room over the other is easily accomplished by adding a few area rugs in complimentary hues. The rugs will blend in with the overall color theme, while providing an attractive focal point. The idea is to maintain a sense of continuity while also infusing unique touches that make the room’s appearance stand out.