I love color and have been using it expressively ever since I can remember. As a child

I loved nothing more than exploring with the variety of colors in that exciting box of 64 crayons, complete with the built-in sharpener of course! During my teenage years, I would spend hours in my room with canvasses, paints, charcoals, or whatever materials I could use to make my colorful ideas come to life.  When I got bored with the typical art supplies I had, I even painted my walls . . . numerous times!  It was no surprise to my family and friends when I chose to attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia, a place where I continued to draw inspiration from the abundance of colors around me.

But even without an artistic background, we can easily learn a lot about our color personalities by taking a look at things that we like and dislike.  What was your favorite crayon as a child? What color is your car? What color makes you smile? What color do you wear the most? What color would you never wear at all?

As a designer, color is one of the most important factors when staring a new project.  It is also the most personal.  By really thinking about what different hues mean to you and the feeling they evoke and why, your design plan for your home becomes a true reflection of your color personality.

Some palettes to consider…

“Natural and Warm”

One of my personal favorites, Neutrals. Whites, creams, and the unexpected grey, easy to live with, a great base for layering or a completely monochromatic room. Far from ordinary, with so many choices, each with their own hint of color, neutrals are beautifully serene.

“True Blue”

I am seeing such a trend towards blues lately in my projects. From light and airy sky blue to deep cobalt and navy, all cool and calming. Create some contrast with a navy blue leather sofa or grass cloth wall covering. Classic yet edgy!


Purple in every shade and hue, from feminine soft lilacs to sophisticated aubergine, simply fabulous!  Lavender is comforting and subdued and can transition into most settings. Create some drama with a deep purple in your dining room with a light reflective silver tea paper on the ceiling!

I could continue on with my favorite happy oranges, the passionate reds, fresh greens and the elegant and earthy browns.  Beautiful colors are everywhere. We can find color inspiration in so much of the world around us. Don’t be afraid of color, considering the value and hue and connect those inspirations to your home. The result will be a space that represents you, making your house a home!

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