Most potential house buyers have made a decision within the first five minutes. This is very often before they’ve even walked through the front door, so it’s obvious that in order to maximize the value of your home, it needs to create a good first impression. They say that beauty is only skin-deep, and when it comes to looking at property, this is indeed the case. To speed up interest in your property, or even just to give your home a makeover for your own benefit, here are the best ways to get the very best out of that all-important first impression.

Refresh your front door

Estate agents call it ‘curb-appeal’ because buyers look at a house and immediately judge it even while still in the car. This is why it’s vital that you create the right first impression from the get-go, and a new front door can not only change the entire personality of a home, but it can also provide you with some fundamental improvements as well. If your front door has been untouched for a while, the chances are that it has not only become tired and out of date, it may also be costing you money in terms of draughts, and having the right insulation can save you a significant amount on bills. If your current front door is simply looking a little faded, then even something as simple as a splash of new paint will change the overall feel of your home’s exterior.


Bricks and mortar

Once you take a thorough look at the exterior of your home, you’ll start to notice those issues that are quickly brushed over as we live day to day. If your home is a relatively new build, then you’re probably very happy with the bold red of the bricks and the clear lines of the mortar. However, if your home is a little older, then those cracks will have started to appear, and the bricks are probably a little more faded than you’d prefer. If that’s the case, then you may have considered the possibilities of painting the outside of your home. There are a number of options available to you if you go this route, with one of the more popular choices in recent years being limewashing. A traditional means of making the most of your outside, limewashing brickwork can add real character to your home, increasing the likelihood that potential buyers will remember it positively.


Windows as personality

Windows can speak volumes about the character of a home. Look at some of the wide range of options available and make choices that not only add a touch of class or style to your property, but also add extra levels of privacy as well. Having the right windows in place can dramatically transform the outside of your home and will certainly give potential buyers cause to step inside with more positivity. Make decisions about your color choices in order to complement the rest of the exterior, and you could be gaining much more for your new windows than you may have previously considered.

Your home can be as incredible as you like on the inside, but if buyers are put off by the walk to the front door, then you have already created the negative first impression that is so hard to overcome. Don’t lose the curb appeal, and make the most out of those positives that your home already has.