There are plenty of reasons why you might have a wasted spare bedroom. Whether it’s the fact that the children have finally moved out, or you simply aren’t making as much use of the room as you could, it’s time to start thinking of ideas. Spare bedrooms can be a blank canvas for the creative mind. If you’re looking at that spare room and wondering how you should be using it, then these creative ideas might be the solution you’re looking for. Don’t let valuable property space go unused. Check out these ideas and your spare room could soon be your favorite space in the house.

Revitalize the room

It might be that you have no choice but to keep a spare guest room. If you live somewhere that means visitors have to stay around for a while, then a guest bedroom can be essential. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it though. This year’s trend of bold colors in bedrooms is the perfect excuse to get the brighter paint pots out. Pick a wild color and match the bed linen to it, and your guest bedroom will look and feel much fresher.

Get to work

Most people benefit from a home office, and if your spare bedroom is doing nothing, then an office conversion could be perfect. As long as the room is big enough to fit in a chair and desk, then you have the ideal starting point. There are some great space-saving solutions for the smaller home office, so nothing is preventing you from rolling out of bed and heading straight to the office (even in your pajamas).

The Home Bar

Many people have contemplated the joy they’d get from having a bar at home. This is a lot easier to do that you think, and your spare bedroom might be the key. You will need a clean slate though, so you might have to remove all of the clutter that is taking up space. It might be worth arranging the delivery of a dumpster from a local company. If you’re in Denver, then simply look online for Dumpster Rental Denver and choose the sizethat you need. Turn your bar into an Old West Saloon, or opt for an Art Deco lounge, and decorate with themed accessories to complete the look.

The Bookworm’s Heaven

When Belle wanders into the Beast’s library and falls in love with it, she mirrors the thoughts of a million book lovers. Readers dream of having their own library, and a spare bedroom is a great place to start. You can either buy some quality bookshelves or even build your own that are custom designed to fit the shape of the room. The perfect excuse to buy all of those new books you were considering!

Wardrobe extravagance

There’s something quite decadent about having your own walk-in wardrobe, but it’s very achievable. If your spare bedroom is barely usedover the course of a year, then you have the perfect excuse to start designing your own walk-in wardrobe. Look at the types of cabinet and storage options available, and pick a classy theme to go with it. A walk-in wardrobe will most likely be used every day, making it the ideal solution for those that are annoyed by the lack of use the spare room currently gets.

There’s little worse than having a wasted space in your home. Make sure that you are using your spare room to its full potential, and don’t be afraid to treat yourself. That dream library or home office is perfectly achievable. You could end up using your spare room more than any other room in the house.