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tulip_award 2It seems like yesterday, but back in 2006 Rachel and the Versatile & Talented CWI Design Team were presented with the challenge to convert a non-descript attic to a sophisticated and functional Nursery. Making the task all the more interesting was who had commissioned the work, and who would ultimately decide if they were successful in the endeavor.

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Creative Wallcoverings and Interior’s Mansion in May 2006 Tulip Award winning Nursery Room Design.

You see, the client wasn’t really a client – the challenge was commissioned by the Women’s Association of Morristown Hospital and the room was located at the site of New Jersey’s premier design exposition  – The uncompromising Mansion in May Designer Show House. Oh, one more thing…this was Rachel’s first show house ever. The designers on showcase that year were a virtual who’s who of design professionals comprised of NJ and Metropolitan NY showhouse veterans and award winning designers.

An audience of more than 20,000 viewed and toured the home that May. Upon exiting the guests morphed into jurors; reviewing their notes and asking tough questions. The month long questioning and comments brought upon a whirlwind of emotions that ran the gamut from total insecurity and self-doubt to unbridled excitement, self-confidence and validation. And just when Rachel and the crew had chewed away the last of their fingernails – high noon set in and the month long experience came to a deafening conclusion.

The votes were tallied and certified (no hanging chads were found) and the results took our collective breaths away.

Winner of Best in Show was announced. The winner was Creative Wallcoverings & Interiors.