interior design 87

2012 will mark the 4th consecutive time that we’ve been selected to participate in New Jersey’s Premier Designer Show House and Garden Event – Mansion In May.

While each renewal presents its own set of unique challenges – 2012 just might be our most ambitious to date. The home (Glynallyn) on showcase is the epitomy of design history and importance. It is listed on the National Register Of Historic Places. Most of the 60+ rooms were designed with a Shakespearian Theme. Most of the rooms are oversized, with incredible detailing right down to the often whimsical beautiful stained glass and the unbelievably detailed wood, flooring and stone fireplaces.

One room is a total exception to that all. There is only one word that can adequately describe the look, size, shape and detail of this room. The word is BLAH.

The challenge? Turn Blah to Aah. Windows that have no character, a room with a color that no pallete has ever seen, a room the size of a small walk-in closet. Not only do we need to turn it into an AAH experience. We need to have it appear as if it was part of the original design and flow of the palace that Glynallyn was.

Stay tuned for before, during and after photos and thoughts.