Hall is the place where most of the time people spend their time with their family, friends and guest so we need good space for gossiping and entertainment like watching television etc. and for all these we need space. So naturally, larger space occupying furniture will not serve the purpose efficiently. Entertainment unit is the key attraction of the hall. So, we generally want space saving beautiful entertainment units for our hall. But if we start going through the options then the fact becomes evident to us that most of the furniture is either heavy or space consuming. But with the home décor concepts going modern, things have changed for better and now we have options of choosing light weight and less space consuming furniture.
Let us check out some tips to make a unique space saving entertainment unit.

The types of entertainment units that you can use in your hall to save space are:

Entertainment Units

  • Vertical storage and wall mounted shelves:
    If we can mount our television and speakers on the wall then we only need few vertical storage or shelves for set top box, music system etc. this type of storage can be the most space saving unit. It is also cheap than others. One of the greater advantages is that putting up a big television on the wall will also help you from concentrating less on a wall design. The speakers on the wall will actually help you to have a surround sound feeling and hence will help you have a great sound experience.
  • Built in speaker units:
    This type of furniture is one of the best for space saving and beautiful look of your hall. They are sleek cabinets that come in with speakers built in them. The speakers are almost compatible to most of the branded music systems Another advantage is that using this cabinet you can save money on the speakers as branded speakers are really a costly affair.
  • Convertible cabinets:
    This is one of the most modern and unique concept of furniture. One cabinet can be changed to different types of cabinet for serving various purposes. These can be one of the most good looking and space saving furniture that is best suitable for your hall. Convertible entertainments units can not only give a modern look to your hall but also makes your hall look spacious and well designed, because gone are those days of stuffed design of rooms and halls.
  • Modular units:
    Modular entertainment units or custom entertainment units can be made and they too will save a lot of space and there are handsome designs also available for them. But one of the biggest drawbacks for them is that you cannot have them or buy them ready-made. You have to make them. You can choose you own pattern design and color and they will remain just unique to your hall thus giving a boutique feeling to the hall.


Tips for designing entertainment units in a way that they save space and look beautiful

While buying any entertainment unit, first consider all the types and try to figure out the most suitable one for you. Say, you have a small hall room then a convertible will be the most suitable for you while if you have a big hall then the vertical racks will just be perfect. Therefore, choose wisely.