Adding interest and life to your home is easier than you may think. By accessorizing, you allow your own personality to shine through while livening up the space around you.

Accessorizing can help you in multiple ways. Whether you own or rent your living space, you always want it to feel like a home. By choosing key pieces of artwork, small sculptures and knick-knacks, throw pillows and blankets, area rugs and more, you can help your space feel warm and inviting. Just be careful; there is a fine line between accessorizing and clutter.

1) Artwork

Choose artwork that is going to be a portrayal of your personal interest and taste. Whether it be a professional portrait, personal or artistic photography, a framed portrayal of children’s work, or some do-it-yourself craft ideas you’ve seen on Pinterest, artwork can bring visual interest and personality to any room. By choosing colors that match the themes already laid out in the space, you are sure to bring a design flair that will entice any guest.

2) Throw Pillows and Blankets

Living rooms can look so cold and uncomfortable without the aid of a few throw pillows and soft throw blankets. For those chilly nights where you simply want to curl up with a good book or relax and watch a movie, these comfortable objects are sure to assist. Get fun patterns/textures to add drama to the living space, all while adding added touches of warmth and comfort, inviting all who enter.

3) Area Rugs

Fun patterns that mesh well with the color schemes of your room will do wonders on an area rug. Area rugs tend to make spaces seem larger than they may be, all while giving another warm and inviting feeling to guests and keeping our bare feet and toes feeling warm and comfortable during the colder winter months. Area rugs break up the cold hardness that some wood and tiles seem to portray after an extensive stay in your home, so allow a visual break with an area rug.

4) Knick-Knacks

Breathe life and interest into any space with small sculptures, picture frames, vases, etc. These add detail to space like no other. Be careful not to add too much, for fear of cluttering a space, but don’t be afraid to add as many to look aesthetically pleasing to your eye.