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Often overlooked in home design, the driveway is the path to your home and one of the first notable aspects of your abode. Since the driveway plays such an important role in defining and introducing your home, the design should be creative and inspiring. There are almost as many driveway options as there are stones, so there are plenty of ways you can make your driveway design inviting and unique.  An inspiring driveway design begins with your choice of material and and a clear understanding of your desired effect. With the right composite and vision, you can incorporate creative design elements into your driveway.

1. Classic Brick

Brick-PatternThe elegant-yet-uncomplicated brick is a sturdy and visually appealing driveway material. The many shades of brick make it a multifaceted choice, one that is almost limitless in its ability to reflect the owner’s personality and style. The individual bricks of the design are easily replaced, and the coarse material prevents slippage. Due to its sharp angles, brick can be used to form geometric designs and patterns, but it can also serve as an attractive and traditional border.

2. Rustic Cobblestone

CobblestoneMade from granite, cobblestone pavers provide a quintessential and classic look for your driveway. Since cobblestone is expensive, though, many home owners decide to minimize cost by using cobblestone as an accent composite. Cobblestone works well as a driveway border or stylish centerpiece for driveways, and has the versatility to emulate an Italian or European tone.

3. Gracious Gravel

MB-gravel-drivewayOne of the most affordable materials, gravel-stone offers a durable, low-maintenance option for driveway revampers. Ideal for drainage, gravel-stone allows water to slip right through, so the composite will not crack. Gravel offers such hard-weathering appeal due to the many layers of compaction. When installing a gravel driveway yourself, you may need to rent the appropriate equipment, but with proper care and upkeep, a gravel driveway can hold its integrity for up to 100 years.

4. Stunning Slate

Slate-DrivewaySlate is used for driveways to produce a sleek but textured effect. Slate can crack fairly easily, though, so thick slabs are required for a long-lasting driveway. If installed correctly, slate forms a durable driveway with a little design flare. Slate normally has a purple or blue hue, it can be found in gold, brown and rust colors as well.

Bonus! Striking Herringbone Patterns

Herringbone-drivewayDriveway patterns can be created from rectangular bricks of almost any stone, but a herringbone pattern yields a truly creative and unique driveway. The pattern is adapted from herringbone cloth, so named for a fancied resemblance to the skeleton of a fish (namely, the herring), and can also be adapted for stone and tile.  On properties with nonuniform driveway space, herringbone patterns actually benefit from such an irregularity, since the meandering shape of the pattern allows for adaptability to uneven edges and angles. The versatility of the pattern allow homeowners to choose geometric or artsy designs to reflect their personal styles, as herringbone  can appear very ordered and mathematical, or trendy and hip. And with the many choices of materials,  the with many colors to choose from, some herringbone driveways resemble stained glass windows in style.

Your driveway is more than just a place to park your car. It is an extended welcome mat to your home, and can be used to convey your individualized style. No matter your personal preference, the versatility of driveway materials and designs offer an opportunity for all homeowners to express themselves.


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