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Interesting and unusual home lighting options allow homeowners to express their creative side when decorating. All rooms require adequate lighting but normal flush-mounted lighting fixtures are not the only choice for illumination. Unique pendant fixtures, standing floor lamps and chandeliers offer unique choices for a wider array of decorating styles.

Geometric Designs

Designers commonly make geometric-shaped pendant shades from thin plastic or paper cut into a specific geometric shape. This interlocks with itself, creating a lamp shade that wraps around the light fixture. According to the The Glow Company website, these shades usually come in pure white and attach to a simple ceiling mounted pendant lamp. The modern and artistic styling of these lamps makes them ideal for a loft or contemporary-themed home.

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Cloud Softlight

Cloud softlight are one-of-a-kind fixtures designed to softly light any room in your home. The Molo Design website says the lamp’s shade is woven from Tyvek, and resembles a soft, round throw pillow. The folds of the woven material diffuse the light and make the shade glow. The website recommends clustering them together to add enough light for the whole room or hanging a single lamp as an accent piece.

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Whimsical Chandeliers

Homeowners searching for a cheery and playful lighting option for a kid’s room should consider a whimsically decorated chandelier. The Louise Antoinette Designs website recommends decorating a playroom or child’s bedroom with a chandelier decorated with figurines of cows sitting on moons, tea cups, or frogs. These unique light fixtures will also appeal to adults with a child-like sense of wonder.

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X-Ray Lampshapes

Adding a creative lampshade turns any normal bulb into a one-of-a-kind light source. The Apartment Therapy San Francisco website notes that designer Sture Pallarp creates beautiful and unique shades for lamps of all sizes from old X-rays. The black and white film diffuses and dims a bright light bulb and the light shines through the ghostly white images of various bones.
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