The bathroom tiles are joined together with a paste of mortar that is termed as grout. Often the grouts of the shower tiles are damaged due to the continuous presence of moisture or may be stain. In such cases, the shower regrouting is the only option left for the house owner.  This regrouting job can be done by the homeowner or he may hire an expert professional. There are certain DIY techniques that should be followed for accurate regrouting of tiles in a bathroom. These techniques are also useful for regrouting tiles in kitchen or any other part of the house.

Reasons of opting for occasional shower regrouting 

  • Protects the tiles – The grouts of the shower tiles may rot due to excess moisture or break after a few years. The tiles are likely to fall off the place due to these weakened grouts, resulting in breakage of tiles. So the shower regrouting can save the tiles from this damage and keep them secure in their positions. The longevity of these tiles is thus increased to a large extent.
  • Prevents shower damage – If the adjacent tiles are weakened, the shower is likely to come off any day from its place. The showerhead is sure to break and it may also damage the floor tiles, if dropped down on the floor. So the periodical regrouting can save homeowner from this situation.
  • Saves repairing costs – The replacement of damaged bathroom tiles is a costly affair for any house owner. However, the cost of shower regrouting is comparatively a much cheaper, even if done by a professional. So occasional regrouting of the tiles helps in saving large amount of money of the homeowner.
  • Needs little time – The regrouting of the bathroom tiles can be accomplished within a day. It is a simple job and do not require much time for completion. Even a layman can finish regrouting within a few hours and the professionals obviously would take lesser time. Thus, the bathroom does not remain blocked for the whole day.
  • Easy renovation – The renovation of the bathroom becomes much simpler with only regrouting of the tiles. The tiles look as good as new after shower regrouting is successfully accomplished, rendering a fresh look to the entire bathroom. It is much easier and cost effective than replacing the tiles and other bathroom features.
  • Environment friendly – If the tiles are replaced, the broken tiles are thrown out. These dispersed tiles discharge carbon and pollute the environment. Hence, regrouting can save the surroundings from this pollution.

Easy DIY steps taken for shower regrouting at home:     

When the grouting of the bathroom tiles look yellowish or stained, the homeowner should get the hint that it is time for shower regrouting. Only a few simple tools are required for this job, including a trowel, grout spreader, grout shaper and sponge.

  • First of all, the old grout should be removed from the tile joints, to allow space for putting in fresh grout. The caulk in the tile joint may be softened by adding drops of acetone. Then, the trowel is used to scrap off all the mouldy grout from the horizontal and vertical tile joints.
  • The grout powder is mixed with adequate amount of water to make a paste. Then, this fresh grout mixture should be applied over the tile joints, with the help of grout spreader.
  • Finally, all the excess grout mixture should be wiped off with wet sponge or a cloth, leaving the tiles clean.
  •  The grout shaper may be used to push the grout neatly over the gaps of the tile joints, as the final touch to the regrouting job.

The effective shower regrouting should be done by experienced professionals, who provide labour in reasonable costs, giving new life to the old bathrooms.