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Floral patterns are making an abrupt comeback as shabby-chic accents in even the most sleek, modern homes; this includes furniture, wall art and even floral arrangements. If you’re ready to get decorating for the fall season, but are having a hard time with inspiration for the best way to incorporate blossoms into your boudoir, or any other room of the house, here are four ways to bring fall flowers into the scene.

Identify Fall Flowers

If you’re going for a more authentic punch, dress up your decor by summoning the season’s best fresh floral arrangements. When placed prominently in your home, a fresh floral centerpiece can breathe literal and figurative fresh air and new life into any space. Seasonal blooms are affordable and double as a more tasteful splash of flowery fall decor for those who aren’t interested in kitschy scarecrows and plastic gourds. Maintain your fresh floral decor’s harvest spirit with yellows and oranges mixed with hints of red and dark green.

Create a Focal Point

Draw attention and create a focal point by styling the room decor around a central floral piece, like a floral print sofa. While this concept may conjure up shabby chic images, this can also work just as well if your taste is more mid-century modern by incorporating a vintage floral couch. Is this bold statement too much of a commitment? Instead, try a non-committal floral slipcover. Simply find fabric you love and have a local upholstery shop make a cover to fit your sofa. Your best option for finding a great print for an affordable price is to shop online for fabric. Designers Guild has a wide array of choices from classic prints to more modern florals and Swedish import Marimekko has bold floral fabrics if you want something more playful and lively.

Cushion the Space

If an allover floral print couch is too much, spread the yellows and oranges around the room with throw pillows. This is an ideal way to introduce bold, graphic prints in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm the room, but rather acts as a balanced complement to the rest of the decor. To create a perfect throw pillow presentation that looks as though it was professionally styled, use different solids alongside the prints. To add a sprinkle of panache, create vignettes throughout the room by arranging two or three pillows together in each corner of the sofa, then adding one to your favorite easy chair or chaise lounge. Vary the pillow sizes to provide even more dimension and variety. The goal is to soften the edges of your furniture, not to overpower them, so be sure to leave plenty of space for actual sitting.

Arrange the Prettiest Prints

Liven up an accent wall in your bedroom or the space above the entry table with an arrangement of floral photo prints. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer and want to show off your own still life work, or you decide to frame some antique art prints of your favorite blossoms, this is a low-maintenance and inexpensive way to instantly refresh your wall decor for the fall season. Etsy is a great source for art prints as well, especially if you aren’t sure where to shop for art that is as affordable as it is unique. To make a bold statement, arrange the prints in matted frames to create an art gallery-style.