When it comes to interior design, things can get very expensive, very quickly. Furniture can cost thousands, and decorative elements can range from the cost of a coffee to a small home which is why many people might find that interior design is beyond their reach. The secret, however, is that it is not the cost of the items you buy but how creative you are with displaying what you own. Buying second-hand or vintage items can add charm, building your own pieces can be a great family project, and repurposing what you have are all options you can use to hack your décor:



To Begin, Clean

Before you do anything to your furniture or try to take on a big project, you first need to clean. This cleaning phase will be in two main steps, the first being to de-clutter. Your design won’t be able to shine if its hidden by clutter. You need to sort through what you own so that only the items you truly value and love are left. If you don’t love it and use it or appreciate it often, then it is time to donate, recycle, or throw out.
The second step to cleaning is deep clean your home. Give your upholstery a new life and bring freshness back into your carpets with professional cleaning services from Technicare and you might find that your home is perfect the way it is.


Upcycling What You Own

Styles come and go, which is why it is important for you to pick which era and design theme you like best and to implement it into your home. Once you know that, you can hack the items you have to match your dream décor. Have an old, bulky wardrobe that doesn’t match anything else in the home? Paint it, change out the handles, and give it a new life. Before you upcycle your furniture, however, you will want to be certain of the design choices you will make. Draw them out and plan beforehand to create a uniform and cohesive design.


Family Projects

Nothing will beat the charm of something you have made yourself. Not only can this be a great way to bring the family together, but it can also be a great way to have a stunning piece for an affordable price. Cut costs by searching online for reclaimed timber or for leftover wood that is free to take and build either your own design or copy a tutorial from online. Be careful to follow the instructions and to test what you create before you use it.



If you’re moving into your first property or otherwise need furniture, find great pieces from your local second-hand store or goodwill. You would be amazed at what you can find at a very affordable price. Be open to how you can refurbish the pieces to make quirky, one-of-a-kind furniture sets, and you’ll be able to furnish your home as you’ve always imagined.


Interior design is not just for the rich, but it is for the creative. Be inventive and plan ahead so that your designs are cohesive and loved by everyone in your family.