Homes are incredibly personal spaces. They are where we spend most of our time, they are where we are at our most vulnerable, they are likely where we spend time with our loved ones, and so on. When it comes to bettering your home, the first place you should look is in the design. By picking a classic and timeless theme, you can not only love the space you are in but tweak it so that it becomes a space of self-expression. To help you boost whatever design theme you have chosen, don’t forget these surprising elements:

Focus on the Structural Elements

When it comes to design the structural elements of your home play a very critical role. From the shape and design of the windows to the theme of your exterior, by investing in these area of your home, you can boost the design and function of your home. For example, you could head to Timber Windows UK for traditional sash windows to create a country-home aesthetic. Not only will it enhance the design, it has the potential to seal your home better, making it more energy-efficient and soundproofed. Change the stairs, the floors, and the exterior to truly bring to life your dream home.


Add Detail to the Accents

You might not give much thought to small elements like your door knobs, but upgrading them can actually go a long way towards improving the design and harmony of your home. This is especially true if the quality of the pieces you have now is poor or it is what your property came with – known as “builder’s materials.” Replace these accents with beautiful pieces, and you can add more dimension to your design and luxury to your home.


Have One or Two Common Elements Throughout Your Home

It is a mistake to assume that to have flow in your home you must have the same design theme in every room. You can make each room its own entity. Have your living room be an urban jungle, and your kitchen a cottage country classic, but remember to keep one or two elements consistent throughout your home. Hardwood that continues throughout your property, for example, can unify rooms that have differing themes. Or perhaps you have white design elements pulling your home together. It’s up to you.


Invest in The Quality of Your Furniture

If you are on a budget or simply prefer quality, beautiful pieces, it can be worthwhile to seek out antique shows, barns, or consignment offices for furniture. Yes, there is no guarantee of what you will find or what state it will be in, but do remember that older pieces are often better made and solid wood. You can always get a great dresser refinished or fixed if you bought it for $50. Whether you get antiques, new beautiful pieces, or items custom made, remember quality and durability are the core values your items should have. The longer they will last, the better the investment.


Homes can last you your entire lifetime if you put the right care and thought into their design. By improving your design theme and focusing on quality and longevity, you can make the right design choices that will look great for years to come.