The kitchen & bathroom renovations are one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. If you plan correctly and maintain your property, you will surely see a high return on your investment. But, how should one plan for kitchens & bathroom renovations? The first step starts with talking to a professional and getting an estimate.


Whom should you work with?
Choosing a professional is not a difficult task. There are hundreds of contractors waiting for the next project to schedule. The tricky part is finding one that you like working with. When choosing a contractor, be sure to gather references from jobs they completed in the past. Write down your list of requirements and questions and discuss them, as well as the project budget, with the contractor. Once you have shared the details, the contractor should be able to provide you with a good cost and time estimate for your renovation project.

Some Things to Keep in Mind for Keeping the Budget Low
Making any architectural changes such as adding or removing walls to the rooms will make costs rise fast. If you need to make modifications either to your home plumbing, water, or gas, the costs will add up quickly. Electrical is the other area where changes can be costly. If your budget is tight, you should avoid changes to these areas.

What Is Involved in Renovations?
First, you will need to choose your materials. Doing some kitchen & bathroom renovations at the same time helps you keep the look and feel insides your home consistent. You need to choose flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and sinks.


Flooring Options Include: Ceramic tile, laminate, cork, linoleum, wood or stone.

Countertop Options Include: Recycled glass, laminate, concrete, bamboo, tile, Formica, stone (Granite, quartz, or marble), metal or wood.

Cabinets Come in Two Main Varieties: Prefabricated and custom-build.

Sink Choices are as Follows: Composite, double bowl, farmhouse, top mount, and under mount.

What to Expect During the Kitchens & Bathroom Renovation
There will be many people coming and going to your home during the renovation. Professional-trades people, designers, and contractors. The professional-trades people will focus on major changes to the home. These people handle things such as electrical, plumbing, etc. Designers will help you choose the kitchen & bathroom renovations products to get the style you want in your home. Because they are professionals and spend a lot of their time looking at products, they can typically help you find great deals. Contractors are hired to perform the remainder of the work.


If you plan correctly, you will have a lot of packages coming to your home. Packages will include all the materials and supplies needed for the kitchen & bathroom renovations. Timing here is critical. You will need to have all the products at your home before your professionals arrive for installation. A skilled project planner will help you manage all the packages and schedule professionals to make sure things arrive at the right time. Any delays in shipment can have devastating consequences. Your professional may show up for installation, but have no work to do because the packages haven’t arrived.
Putting the Finishing Touches on The Renovation