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A neutral by definition, grey is quickly gaining popularity over traditional beiges, taupes, and off-whites.  I love grey because its versatile shades – cool or warm – allow my clients to achieve the exact mood they want to evoke in a room.

More functional than your average neutral, grey can be combined with and complemented by almost every color on the spectrum. From soft doves to rich saturated charcoals, the possibilities are endless. Grey can add depth to subtle colors like lavender or make bold tones like turquoise and orange really pop.  Our space at this year’s Mansion in May – the perfect example of grey’s versatility – had a stunning color palette of grey shades and sunny yellows.

Undertones of color in some shades of grey can be used to achieve the atmosphere you desire in a room. Greys with blue undertones will make your home feel cool while decorating with a brown grey can provide a warmer ambiance.  For a touch of elegance, you can even combine grey with other neutrals like white and cream!  Whatever mood you’re going for, using grey as a neutral will get you there.

So whether you’re looking to accent a room or redesign a space, grey will add a level of freshness and sophistication to your home.  Traditional, modern, and every style in between, decorating with grey will truly make your home look fabulous!

For inspiration on how you incorporate grey into your home, please view my “grey is the new neutral” board on Pinterest.


Virginia Liberato