Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Other Home Improvements for Empty Nesters

Recently, your youngest duckling moved out of the pond. Now it’s official: you are empty nesters. While you are feeling pretty much every emotion in the book right now, ranging from sadness to excitement, you are also finding yourself looking around your house and thinking “There is SO much I want to do around here!” With this in mind, check out the following trio of liberating home improvements that are ideal for the new empty nester:

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

You love your kids, but they have been hard on your floors. In fact, you have probably put off jobs like hardwood floor refinishing because you didn’t want to spend money on something that would look shabby again within a matter of weeks.

Now that the kids have all moved out, you are definitely ready to look into wood floor repair and refinishing. Refinishing hardwood floor costs vary from project to project, usually averaging $2 to more than $5 per square foot. Because of this variance in prices, feel free to shop around and get quotes from more than one company. The good news is, once the hardwood floors are refinished, they probably won’t need it again for a good 10 to 20 years. In addition, all of those nicks, dull areas, deep scratches and dirt will be long gone and your floors will shine like they are brand new.

Transform One of the Bedrooms to Something Amazing

There are a number of ways to give a now-empty bedroom an incredible remodel. For example, if you and your spouse enjoy working out but don’t really love going to a gym, transform one of your kid’s bedrooms into an exercise studio, complete with whatever types of workout equipment you like. You can install mirrors on one wall, a big flat screen TV on another to watch your favorite shows while you are exercising, and spring for a weight machine, elliptical and/or a treadmill. If you and your sweetie prefer yoga over stationary biking, turn the bedroom into a yoga studio that would make most yogis envious. Paint the walls with soothing colors, buy new yoga mats and remove most of the furniture to give yourself plenty of room to do your exercises.

Treat Yourself to New Rugs or Other “Grownup” Décor

For years, you have chosen a couch based on its durability and removable covers and dark carpets for their ability to hide stains. As an empty nester, you can and should splurge on some fabulous items that you truly love and look gorgeous. Suggestions include a new and smaller couch covered in luxurious suede or velvet, and new light-colored and soft throw rugs that — gasp — you cannot simply toss into your washing machine. As a bonus, because your kiddos may be looking for some furniture for their new places, you can probably unload that beloved sectional couch or those easy chairs to them, leaving you plenty of space for your new, fancier furniture.

Transforming Your Empty Nest Can and Should Be Fun

Peering into your kids’ old rooms and seeing their old beds and posters on the wall may make you feel down in the dumps. Instead of holding onto the past, embrace your new status as an empty nester and give yourself permission to do some fun and much-needed home improvements. You definitely deserve it!