kitchen-interior-design-new-jersey-3-1024x768Today’s homeowner has a greater need than ever before to seek out ways in which to increase privacy and security. With so many homes being built side by side in suburbs as well as within major cities, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep would-be snoopers out. If you’ve been having trouble with nosey neighbors or passers-by peering in windows, especially after dark when it is easy to see inside a well-lit home, here are some suggestions on home additions that can improve your privacy. You might as well consider security while you are at it, giving your privacy added depth and function.

Privacy Fences | Most privacy fences are constructed with tall wooden boards that can range from .60m in height to 1.80m in height and sometimes a bit higher if bespoke heights are required. These prevent anyone on the outside from viewing your property and privacy fences are the most common ways in which to keep anyone from looking in when you least expect it. These can be professionally installed or you could construct a privacy fence with a DIY project that is neither too difficult nor too time-consuming. Most can be built in a single weekend and there are videos on YouTube that show you just how easy it is to do.

Security Bars For Windows | While you don’t often think of security in the same sense as you do privacy, they really do go hand in hand. You are entitled to live your life in privacy and sometimes that means seeing to security so that no one can cross the bounds unless you, personally, allow them. Security bars for windows is one home addition that can help maintain your privacy whilst adding that extra level of security. These are often welded on so if you are on a DIY mission, check out for the tools and safety gear you’ll need when it comes time to weld those frames into position.

Frosted Windows | Frosted windows or two-way glass are also great home additions that can add an extra layer of privacy. Frosted windows, however, are just as difficult to see out of as they are to see into so this may not be your first choice. Two-way glass enables you to see out but no one on the outside can see in under normal conditions. Bear in mind that the better the glass you choose, the lesser chance anyone has to see in if you’re looking for privacy.

Some homeowners also add trees and shrubbery to their property, especially either close to the home or around the perimeter of your property. Whilst not a ‘home addition’ in the truest sense of the word, trees and shrubs, if well planned, can really offer the kind of privacy you are looking for. Not only will these improve privacy they are also great additions that will add value to your home in the event that you ever want to list it for sale. You are not alone as today’s homebuyer is seeking privacy just as much as you are. A few basic home additions and you are on your way to that quiet enjoyment you’ve been missing until now.