If you are looking for blinds that suit your requirements for large windows, doors, etc. then there are plenty of options available. These also apply for bi fold doors with blinds, which can be customized as per your requirements and needs. You should remember that the concept of small blinds and bigger ones is quite different. The right kind of blind makes their usage on everyday basis much easier.




Venetian blinds are a feasible option that works for bi-fold doors along with both larger windows and doors. These are a timeless classic and give complete control over light filtration. These bi fold doors with blinds also feature horizontal slats. What happened here is that you would be able to open or close the same to any extent as desired. These blinds are ideal for contemporary homes and feature a style of large bi-fold doors. Ideally they are made of aluminum and work with various designs. The concept is quite compatible with fitting two panels of glazing. Simply pulling the cord can operate it.


They are also quite in sync with Roman blinds. These roller blinds are not only aesthetically appealing but quite functional too. They work by simple rolling down when the string is pulled. It has straight and clean lines that provides a quick installation procedure and is quite smooth to work. These blind types are actually versatile. They work in cloth, wood, timber or other similar materials. You enjoy the flexibility of covering larger areas. In particular, bi-fold doors open and shut with ease here. If you want to keep one door shut then simply use one part of the blind.



The electric or automatic blinds work are basically battery operated. The bi fold doors with blinds work quite well for larger homes where you want to consider rolling or lifting multiple blinds at the same time. This is really popular with larger windows and doors because doing the same manually can be rather time consuming. Also, there is a chance of the blinds getting stuck and the roller not working properly.


Pleated blinds too are quite similar in nature to the roller blinds but with the pleated variation you also have the option of using them horizontally for larger windows. However, this option doesn’t work with the bi-fold doors. So if using bi fold doors with blinds that are pleated you should stick to the vertical style only.

Along with these, there are many other kinds of blinds available to suit your home and office needs. Considering that larger windows, doors, etc. need more coverage, you should also pay attention to the overall fabric. For instance, Roman finish is cozier and thicker. This ensures protection against sunlight and also provides you with privacy. Other aspects to keep in mind are-

  • Make sure that the measurements are precise. Else, there is a risk that the blind would keep getting stuck in one of the doors or be a hindrance in coming and going.
  • With the larger windows, there is more flexibility to use both vertical and horizontal blinds. But do remember that vertical ones are much easier to operate.
  • Finally consider the material when choosing the type of blind too because not all fabrics, especially very stiff ones match with bi-fold doors.

With so many options available, choosing blinds for your large windows, bi-fold doors or sliding doors doesn’t have to be difficult.